Wednesday, August 29, 2012

woot woot woot....
and thus week 4 at the CTM passes by...... more and more portuguese every day..... more and more learning how to teach and prepare lessons on a whim.... there's really not that much going on here, kinda borring, we haven't gotten rain in 7 weeks, which is blowing the minds of the Brazilians, but it might rain today finally :D like I said, there's really not that much going more fascinating foods, well, thats a lie...we had fresh pork rinds last night, they're absolutely delicious, but once the north Americans realized what they were, a lot of them had problems eating them, and they resorted to the staple-rice and beans, every meal, rice and beans, rice and beans, rice and thought you were joking mom when you told me to get used to it...yeah, no.  EVERY MEAL. yay :D oh well, right now in porto alegre it's reaching negatives in celcius which is a huge deal there...people are freaking out and wearing parkas, even here in Sao Paulo, I just chuckle to myself as I walk down the street in slacks and a shortsleeve white shirt.  Last wednesday, I bought a huge can of Dulce do Leite, and last night, I realized that it was empty... >:( I've decided to stop eating sweets after today (except for cookies and milk from Mr. Cheneys) just because my companion and I, along with the entire CTM have been eating buckets and buckets of candy...I mean it's absolutely delicious, but I've never eaten this much sugar in my entire life...even on Halloween, which by the way they don't celebrate here. (I just had a flashback to that camping trip where Koa and I drank a half gallon of syrup out on the lake in Quantico...okay, maybe then did we have as much sugar, but still).  We went to the Sao Paulo temple again today, and the celestial room there is magnificent, just absolutely stunning.  Oh, and I'm playing the violin again this sunday for Mission Conference...sweet XD 
Elder Kahl, an elder who just left for the field, was chilling in our room one night, just swapping stories and photos, when he started telling us about his ´´amazing 19 year old cousin, aka his best friend´´ and started showing us pictures of her, I jokingly asked if she was writing anybody, and he said no, so today, i´m sending a letter to her.  Well, this should be interesting to say the least...
Oh, and Uncle Ryan, if you get the poster of the bisection of your spleen, please send me a pic, I would love to have that XD
speaking of pictures, that´s one thing that I didn´t bring on my mission that I, so if whoever sends a letter would send a pic too...that would be just AWESOME!!! :D  or.....a sticker, my nametag has no stickers on the back, so yeah, stickers rock too!!! :D  Oh mom, by the way, the micheangelo sculpture picture turned out fantastic, and I absolutely love it!   Oh, so story on Tuesday of last week, I lost my scriptures, I took them with my backpack to dinner, and we have to leave everything outside the cafeteria, but when I came back, my backpack was still there, but my scriptures and scripturecase was gone (Porto Alegre Temple case w/ English Quad and leather Portuguese Tripple)...yeah, so this has happened a couple of times in the last few months apparently...not okay. Well on sunday, a brazilian elder down the hall found them under his bed...i had never been in that room before, so who knows, but I got them back, so everythings fine. the way, the keyboards are different down here we have letter buttons for Ç ~ ¨ and ´ (forward apostrophie).... that would explain the awkward punctuation some times, sorry...and they don´t have the shift on the left hand, which is super annoying.   Brittany, I sent you a letter with pictures, so hopefully you will get that soon, I sent it last Wednesday
Elder Tyler Eliason
P.S. Blake, I absolutely love your letters, they always make me smile ^^D
P.S.S. Send letters to all of your missionaries, they make their life so much cheer-filled

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