Monday, May 26, 2014

Parabéns Tanner!!!!!!

Well, if all yall don't know, my brother Tanner Eliason was called on a mission to the Montevideo Uruguay mission.  Uruguay is about a 10 hour drive from where I am right now, and I have tons of friends that are members that are from there.  I'm super pumped for him. 

This week in a rap, was about the same as last week.  There really isn't that much difference between the weeks, there are tiny little things that make a difference, but not much.  This week was colder, I got sick eating Churrasco again, my companions feet started smelling like rotting cheese... not much difference...

cool thing- I found out that a young man in the ward got a 2,000 R$/month salary to play League of Legends, a video game that all of Brazil is super addicted to. (note- that pay is about 3X minimum wage here- good enough to support a family off of) He is in a championship league right now, and if he wins the championship game, he and his team all will win 1,000,000 R$ each.   He's ranked number 3 in the world.  Crazy huh?  maybe I should quit college, quit the army, and win money playing video games......... he only plays 14-16 hours a day.....

We were able to get the permission of the mother of the 4 kids who keep coming to church (miracle-it's been about 3 years that the Elders have been trying to get those signatures).  They've been going to church for the last 3 years, and never have been baptized.  Turns out I'm not tha bad at sweet-talking parents.  They'll be baptized saturday. (please pray that all goes well)

Anyways, we're going to make lasagna today. I'm excited. I love home-made lasagna here in brazil, they use crepes instead of lasagna noodles, and add white sauce, tomato/pizza sauce, ground beef, cheese, ham-lunchmeat, and "green smell"  I think it's parsley, but I have yet to figure out exactly what it is.... my mouth is watering. 

Oh, I found out that we are now prohibited (thanks to the area 70) to watch any of the world cup games.  We have to stay in our apartment the entire day of all of the games of brazil or of those that will be held in our state.  What does that mean???  ------> If Brazil doesn't make it past the first round, we are out for the minimum 7 days.   What does that mean??? I'm going to have to re-read Jesus the Christ again to not go nuts!

 Have a fantastic week everybody,
Elder Eliason

p.s. Sorry if my last few letters sounded a bit angry, I've been called to repentance (I read Alma 5,6,7 this morning)

Monday, May 19, 2014

It's snowing, no, it's raining, no, it's sweating, no, I DON'T UNDERSTAND!

This week we walked to the moon and back.

And it was hot, cold, windy, rainy, sunny, hail-y, and about every other idea under the sun.  

Our baptism this week fell through, he is a 15 year old young man who has 5 best friends that are recent converts.  Easy.  Too easy.  So easy that he disappeared.  Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, he never passed by his house, always out with friends.  -.-   We're out of credits (they fall Wednesday) so we couldn't call him, we used all of the credits on my phone card that I bought, and when we used the phone in the Bishops office, his cell-phone was dead.  Ugh.  Anyways, we'll have 3 or 4 baptisms this week I hope so, it'll recompense for this weeks loss. 

This week's principle to study, is to "NOT TEACH APOSTASY IN YOUR SUNDAY SCHOOL CLASSES!!!!!!!!!!!"     PLEASE everybody, be an apostasy monitor.  You can only say it so many times (Jesus the Christ, Mormon Doctrine, The Great Apostasy, etc....every book ever written by any apostle).   DO NOT TEACH OPINION AS DOCTRINE.   At the minimum, use what Elder Bruce R. McConkie said in his last testimony.  "In speaking of these wondrous things I shall use my own words, though you may think they are the words of scripture, words spoken by other Apostles and prophets." These were his OWN WORDS.

  EX: Please, if you see anybody verbally trashing a recent convert for not using a dress, but slacks at church.  STAND UP FOR WHAT IS RIGHT.  There is a difference between Culture and Church Doctrine.

Alright, I need to calm down, repent, etc...   Please, do what is right.  Don't be stupid.  That's my council for this week.

Dad- yes, I can give a talk when I get home.

On that note, yesterday, I was called upon to give a talk in the middle of Sacrament Meeting without my knowing beforehand.  That was fun.  Everybody knows how excelent of a speaker I am -.-     I am not David Burnham who can whip a 30 minute talk out of the air on the spot.  Anyways, it went well.  We all recieved a new book to be added to our Missionary Library- 
The Power of Everyday Missionaries by Clayton M. Christensen.  It's good, I wish every member could read it.

Have a fantastic week :)
Elder Eliason

p.s. we got free churrasco from a drunk on the street..... that was fun, he cut it off the spit into our hands as we ate on the curb.  :)..........

Monday, May 12, 2014


I really am not that interested in writing an e-mail this week to everybody......

Okay, I'll repent now,

This week we had 2 baptisms, a couple that decided to come unto Christ.  I'm really happy for them, João Marcos and Silvia.  João Marcos is 50 and Silvia is 46.   They're really happy now.  I am praying constantly that they'll stay firm and that they'll go to the temple to be sealed one day.  João Marcos is a professional Chef.  Yeah, how awesome is that right!!!!   Anyways, It was fantastic to talk to the family yesterday.  Sorry that you guys had to scram to go to church, but thanks for the attention. 

9 more e-mails until I'm on the plane home :)  

mom, I got my birthday package! MUITO OBRIGADO :)  my zone loved the valentines and crabby-patties, and my companion loves cool-aid

oh, and I forgot to say it yesterday with all the chaos, but Happy Mothers day mom :)

Elder Eliason

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

so this week on the *transfer* is *Wright*

hahahahaha, okay, so I was transferred this week right? Looks like I'm going to finish up my mission out in.......

City: SAPUCAIA do sul

Companion: Elder Figueroa
from: Chillán, Chile
With: 4 months of mission time



so our house is really fancy, we have air conditioning (REALY RARE), We have a Jet-bathtub (Also EXTREMELY rare).  We have a giant Mandarin-Orange tree in front, so every night, when we get home, we grab the broom, which has a hook on the end and pick the most ripe Mandarin-Oranges, which are super sweet and delicious. 

This week, unfortunately, our baptism fell through, he was called in to guard post duty out in the army this weekend, so hopefully next weekend, he'll be baptised :)  His name is Matheus, pray for him, he's 21 and learning that life isn't just party/sleep/get beaten by a drill sergeant.

Nothing REALLY interesting happened this week, but I did learn that I have zero patience for bible-bashing and getting ran over by people who think they are so smart.  What happened,  
Crazy lady in RED
Elder Eliason in Blue
Elder Figueroa in Green

Good afternoon young lady (age~40)
You are them mormons aren't you
Yes-sir-ree-doo  You ever talked to us before? You have the desire to learn how you can be more happy being baptized?
No, I believe in Jesus in a very different form. Very different than you guys.
how so? are you Umbandista? (editors note, Umbanda is a devil-worshiping cult that is very popular here in the south, they worship Jesus, along with "his cursed brothers and sisters"...........)
What!?!?!! No! I believe in the Bible, unlike you decieved fools!  How can you possibley believe in the book of mormon, there are parts that you say that a man called Moroni wrote that are almost exactly like the letters of Paul, how do you justify a new bible with new names, and such lies!!!!!! I am appalled that you young peope are such idiots to believe such lies.  I have a book at home the points out all of the different parts of doctrine and they contradict everything in the bible.....(interrupts) I don't really care about your opinions or your questions.....(she shuts up) 
 LET's go Elder, let me bash her! I'm ready, I've studied this, let's burn her to pieces!!!!! 
No, I have one question for you, in all of your knowledge and studies, as you have shown that you are SO intelligent and studious, have you ever asked God if what we believe is correct?
No, why would I do that?
Only God testifies of the truth, ask him, James 1:5 Good day lady.

Almost the same thing happened again 30 minutes afterwards.  I'm so sick of people not letting us speak.  We say hi and ask people if they are interested and they start talking and they monologue until their own tongue is swollen, and then they stop to breathe and start again.  No. I'm sick of that.  I'm going to run the person over if they try to do that to us, I don't have time to listen to idiots blabber.

have a great week
Elder Eliason
p.s. I went on a division with a 22-year old brazilian Sniper this week.  He's deciding if he's going to go on a mission.  I hope my opinion helped him out a bit.  We are going to go on splits every week, he's super excited now that an U.S. Army Elder is in his ward.