Monday, June 30, 2014


Do you know what that is?????  That is the sign of rain.  This week it rained.  Wooohoooo news for everybody!!!!! I SAW THE SUN 1 Time, yesterday morning, for 5 minutes, enough time to get some investigators to come to church, because when church ended, Boom!!!!! more rain.  I took a foto of the clouds when I saw the sun, so I can remember how it feels to see the blue sky.  I think it's been about 2 months now that it hasn't stopped raining.  Of course I'm exaggerating, but I don't really care. 

Okay, everybody is tired of me complaining about the rain in every email?  heheheh.  
So, this week, we were able to get an Anti-Mormon to come to church.  Talk about something that I've never been able to do.  He used to preach in his church against ours, but this week....hahahahahah we won.  We were knocking doors and we found his family, of course while we were teaching he didn't pay Tooo Much attention, but afterwards, he wanted to fight.  Woohooo..... I HATE BIBLE BASHING.  I cut him off, it was quite obvious that the was going to go full-flung into the fight, so I rebuked his idea with a very blunt scripture, and then looked him square in the eye, and told him the difference between doubts and questions.  Questions can be answered by men, Doubts can only be answered by God, through the Holy Ghost.  Therefore, before he asks me any of his doubts, ask God. I then asked his wife who could say the closing prayer.  We left.  My companion was rattled.  hahahaha.  We returned, and this time he had changed.  We had left a Book of Mormon with him, and he had read the part that we left.  He had prayed.  He listened this time, and was interested in going to church to see how it all works.  O.O   We were so excited.  Anyways, I don't know if he'll humble himself enough to be baptized, but we are going to work with him.  His name is Lademir, pray for him please.

That's about it.  Oh, I got a pair of Bombachas from a ward member. I love them.  #keepthegauchotraditionalive.

Elder Eliason

whoooooooppppppppie :)

June 23, 2014

"hey! that's my mom!"

Tanner, name that movie!

Okay, so this week was very interesting-

Last night I had a dream that I was transfered to a zoo.  It was very strange.

Tuesday Zone conference with Interviews with President Wright, got back at 1600, but had to change clothes because it was POURING.  They say here that the more times that it rains here on the mission, the more and more beautiful your wife becomes.  I'm praying that it's true because if it were, my wife is going to be a flippin supermodel.  It is currently raining again.

Friday was the most interesting day of them all......... We had to go to the Federal Police station in Porto Alegre to register my companion as a permanent resident for 2 years in Brazil, turns out that first of all, El Salvador is actually La Republica de El Salvador, so his country of "El Salvador" didn't exist. That created LOTS of problemas here in the computer system.  Also, there is a city here in Brazil called "Salvador" which made everybody feel stupid when he told them that he was not Bahiano (person from Salvador, Bahia).  The second problem is that when he was registered in São Paulo as a foreigner with the Police there, the church headquarters spelt his name wrong, so when he presented his identity to the Police here, they looked for when and where he entered the country, and Whoops, HE DOESN'T EXIST!  Uh, oh.................... Well, we spent 7 hours in the Federal Police.  It doesn't help that half of the whole world is here, trying to watch the Cup, and get visas renewed and extentions etc.......... It was nuts.  He's a great greenie; we have a good time together.

Now the real question- What happened to baptizing weekly???? 
Answer- We too, like Brittany, are having an extremely hard time getting investigators to come to church.  In Brazil, an investigator has to come to church at least 2 times to be baptized.  Well, if you have nobody at church, who will be baptized this week and next week?????? Well, this week we cut everybody, and started in a new neighborhood a lot closer to the church.  Well, yesterday we had 5 investigators come, and 2 of them had already come beforehand, so this Saturday, (we're praying) that we'll have 2 baptisms, and next week, a few more :)

Brittany, the dad of your DL gave me the referências, and took his sister to church yesterday, which was a huge blessing.  We'll try and baptize her here in a little bit :)

Amo vocês.
Elder Eliason 

Ps. I got my trunky papers :) 3 weeks

Monday, June 16, 2014

We meet again, mister footebol.....

World Cup- In brazil.  Very cool, if you are not a missionary.  EXTREMELY annoying for a missionary.  Why????????  NOBODY wants to do anything except watch the cup.   Okay, we had like 29 new investigators this week, but how many came to church!??!?!?!?!?!    bumb um bum bum!!!!!!! 2 --- our Eternal investigators that can't be baptized (they aren't willing to live the commandments but love coming to church, it's been about 10 months that the both of them are frequent attendees.)   

Other obnoxious things this week
-  I've got the theme song from the Captain Cruch video game stuck in my head all week.  (that's the game that we got from the box of froot loops 10 years ago that if you try to look at it on iTunes, says that it's a 26 minute long version of Brittany Spears' 'Hit me Baby One More Time', but when you listen to it, you only get the captain cruch theme song which is like 6 notes on a loop....)

- Brazil won 3-1, and everybody in the entire city started worshiping their Brazil-only-catholic-idol/saint "Nossa Senhora Aparacida", and Thanking her for making Brazil win.  Judgement day will be very interesting here....

Positive things, I found my memory card convertor so I can send you fotos now :)   

The church will always be true.

We got our copy of the conference Liahona finally 

etc :)

Anyways, Tanner, I'm super excited that you are practicing your spanish with the mexicans, Talking to the Latinos here, they all laugh at the mexicans, they have a REALLY funny accent, which amplified with your incredible accent.... well, the Uruguayanos will laugh their heads off..... but they will understand you. :)

Brandon Blake, dude, I've got this brilliant idea to open up a brazilian pastelaria in the united states, we'll become billionaires, you've got to help me with this.

Dad - I hope that you are taking carefull notes of all the construction techniques that you are learning.  I want to learn afterwards :)

good luck Chloe out in the MTC..........I'll start kniting sweaters for our 20 kids out of my bellybutton lint that I'll start guarding now okay? :P 

(if anybody didn't get that refference, google it, it's from a Zits commic)

Elder Eliason

P.S. 4weeks :)

Meu Filho #2   Elder Quinteros :)

Meu Filhoteinho #4 (sou padrasto) Elder Figueroa (johndeer) taking a foto of a fly-eating plant

Monday, June 9, 2014

this week was..........wet. Again.

Well, I'm training so....yeah! I'm excited!

His name is: Elder Quinteros

He is from: El Salvador

He speaks: Spanish, English, and Portuguese

When talking, he speaks English with me, I speak Spanish to him, and we speak Portuguese with the Investigators and Members.   My dreams are now becoming tri-lingual.

Other News, this week that passed, Uruguay passed a law permiting Marijuana to be completely legalized.  Good luck Tanner :)  The fact that it's illegal here in Brazil doesn't do that much of a difference, but whatever. hahahahaha.

This week, it rained all week long, and in the same form, we taught very little. We found some families that are Extremely rich and excited to learn about the gospel, so that'll be a nice change, I'm slightly tired of working in the slums.  It also means that the way we teach will have to change.  
Dad and Tanner- I'm excited that you guys visited where I lived for almost 3 months.  Key west baby :)  Did you guys see any super macho military guys storming a beach or jumping from helicopters???? One day I'll be rich selling those frozen-chocolate-covered-key-lime-pie-on-a-stick-popsicles.....

We're living in 4 now, so our little luxury apartment is now a party house...XD  the other 2 elders are from São Paulo, and the Amazons.   Fun huh?   

Everybody have a fantastic week :)

Elder Eliason

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

This week---------

So, this week was very nuts, lets see what happened...

Crum.  I just realized that I wrote it in portuguese....... yeah for Google Translator (the translation is kind of weird, but I like it, so I'll stick with it. hahahah)

This week was good; we had some difficulties, but we won the majority in the end. We had 2 baptisms, and reached the week of Excellence ! We had plans for 4 baptisms, but the older boy had friends who dissuaded him to be baptized, we will work with him this week. The younger girl was ready to be baptized, but 4 minutes before we started in the baptismal service, I was reviewing the baptismal records, and BAM ! ! ! Looking at the day of her birth, I realized she is eight years in August! Her parents and everyone thought she had done eight years last year. All of the children were ages 1 year advanced .... the girl had " 12 " actually had " 11 " and the other had " 9 " really only had " 8 " so I had to break her heart and tell her that she could not be baptized with her ​​sisters. Problematising by a 7 year old. I feel very much like a " Jerk " . She was effervescent beforehand. A lot . My mate bought a box of chocolates for her after for reward.

oh, TRANSFERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will stay!

I will Train!

We will receive 2 more missionaries in this ward, they are going to get the neighborhoods that I don't like working in.  hahahahahahahahaha.  6 weeks.  Start Counting baby.

Also-  Sunday was Awful.  Why?  TRUNKY ATÉ O PÓ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  All of the classes and discourses were about Temple Marriage.  Preparing for temple marriage, how to choose the right spouse, etc.........  Talk about two missionaries siting in the back row trying not to kill themselves....hahahahahahahahahahaha       Anyways.......

It was edifying, and all that is edifying is of God.  D&C.  

Funny- last night, we were wrapping up our street contacts, and my companion needed to do a whole bunch, so he got really to the point with the contact REALLY FAST, and something hilariously peculiar happened:

Elder Fig-  Good evening good sir
Man- Why yes young man
Elder Fig- Do you accept the invitation to be baptized in the only true church of God? 
Man- YES!!!!!!!!!!!!! (at the top of his lungs) I've BEEN WAITING FOR THIS MY WHOLE LIFE!!!!!!
Elder Fig- Uh, okay, are you sure that you understood correctly, we want to baptize you and your family in 2 weeks.
Elder Fig- uh....okay, where do you live
Man- São Leopoldo
Elder Fig- Well, okay (he gets the address) 
Man- *Skips off singing at the top of his lungs how he's going to be baptized*
Elder Fig- *looking at me* do you think he was using drugs?   
Elder Eliason- I have no clue.....

Have a fantastic week.  

Elder Eliason