Monday, October 28, 2013

This week....on the price is right.....

Well, this week was absolutely monotonous.  My companion had an absolutely terrible case of Chicken-pox, He was prohibited from leaving the house, and the other 3 were prohibited too, until we found out that another young girl in the ward was the one that passed it to him.  After that the other two elders were freed, but I had to stay with him.  I stuck with him for 2 days, and then deciding that I was going stirr crazy, went on divisions.  Elder Souza (my companion) slept for 4 days straight, except for 3 or 4 intervals where he would wake up, use the bathroom, go to the kitchen, drink water, eat some beans and rice, and then lay down again. Usually a grand total of 5 minutes per interval. It was rough on him and it was rough on the patience of the house.  Instead of going crazy and fighting, we decided to make the goal of just going nuts.  We learned how to make chickens out of towels (photo included) and opened up our own butchers shop with all of the towls and blankets in the house folded into chickens.  He also taught us how to spin a toy top with string so fast that you can put it into your hand and it'll keep spinning for over 3 minutes.... until the neighbors underneath our appartment beat the floor with a broom and stuck their heads outside of the windows and yelled at us to knock it off. REALLY FUNNY.

Sunday we had the incredible opportunity to watch the Osório District Conference.  President Wright (the mission president) had his son with him, who just returned from his mission in Florida, and was visiting his parents here in Brazil for 2 weeks.  Well, the problem was that he didn't speak a word of Portuguese, other than Obrigado and Tudo bem.  So guess who got to translate the entire conference! Yours truley. It was my first time translating for an American - Usually I have to translate for new american missionaries, but they've got a base of the vocabulary and grammer.  It was quite the experience.  Also-We got to sing in the District Choir, "Faith in every footstep" Which is an incredible song, Absolutely love it. 

Anyways, that's about it... The chicken-´pox is going away, so hopefully we can get out soon.  

I don't think much else happened this week, anyways, I hope that all yall are living it up out wherever you are.

seja incrível,
Elder Eliason

Monday, October 21, 2013


October 21, 2013

Eh, We baptized this week!!!!! Woohoooo Henrique.  He comes from a VERY complicated family. Dad prison, mom in the Hospital type stuff..  It's very complicated. anyways,

He's 13, and SUPER intelligent.  And just plain out Awesome. 

Biggest thing that happened this week besides this- We got a 5lb boxof chocolate milk mix :D Ive got chocolate milk and sugar flowing in my veins now >:)

okay, sorry, um, I had to go do some interviews for the Elders out in Imbé, a beach city where there are about 40 members now.  Well, I got to visit the beach, Language study on the beach was probably the best :)  The water there is the color of chocolate milk.  its great to be on the beach, but water is kind of nasty.  

My companion has chicken-pox. Yesterday we got back from the baptism, ate lunch at a members house, and afterwards, he told me that he didn't feel so well, so he layed down and slept.  Woke up at 9 to close our weekly numbers, layed down again, and woke up at 630 like normal.  He woke up covered in chicken-pox.  Poor guy. 

We had an Elder return to our ward tuesday, Elder Maciel.  He is very strange.  VERY strange.  He stopped in the middle of the road when we went onsplits, and jumped with his arms in a huge Y fistsclentched and yelled "woo hooo for Baptism!!!!!!!!"  I don't want to be like him when I get back.. I think the funniest moment was when he seduced a young woman on the street to go to church.  He started with a contact normal shaking hands, asking name, religion, etc... but then moved close (IE 2book of mormons distance of her) putting his hand on her shoulder asking if she would like to go to church with him on Sunday.  she moved a bit closer and told him that she would, he moved a bit closer and asked where she lived and her phone number, in a very very smoothe soft sexy voice.  He told me to take note as she gave him the number and adress and moved evermore closer to him.  She then tried to put her arms around him--- I wanted to die.  There was about a Book of mormon on a Flash-drive distance between them when I said, well thank you, Lets go.  and took off.  pretty rediculous? absolutely. hillarious? with certanty.

       I am gratefull though, where he was serving, the temperature usually hits about 120 every day and at night 100.  that would be absolutely terrible.  I'm very gratefull for an All-knowing God that knows where we need to serve and not suffer. 

Its raining sideways again, but I don't care because its P-day.  better to sleep in.  

I bought a hammock.  Ive been sleeping in it recently, its way more comfortable than the bed-bug ridden mattress on which Ive been sleeping.  :)  If anybody is going tothe northeast of brazil, they don't even bother with beds, everybody sleeps in a hammock. its so much better.

my time is ending, but I'll try to send some photos

amo cada um de vocês.  

Elder Eliason

hey, I just met you, and this is crazy, but I'm an Elder, Be baptized maybe?.....

October 14, 2013

So, this week was REALLY SLOW..... The weather improved!!!!!!! woohooo sunny, and 80 degrees. Except for yesterday morning, when it was POURING rain, so hard that I couldn't even see my companion who was by my side.  The branch frequency dropped significantly because of the rain. That's what happens when half of the branch walks to church, and the other half rides their bikes. Oh well. 

Me- well this week, I renewed my visa! wooohoooo I was reading the fine print, and if I the mission had waited 2 more weeks, I would have been deported, talk about cutting it close...  I also found out that my return date will be July 22, 2014.  Almost 9 MONTHS! Wah! cadeu missão?!?!?!?  oh well.  

A car passed really close to my companion yesterday and splashed him with a really huge puddle- he got drentched from head to toe. bahahaha, Luckily, We were on division with a couple of members, and I was in Santo Antônio.

We had to cut a ton of our investigators that stopped progressing, so unfortunately, we have almost nobody to teach again.... and I've knocked the majority of the doors in our area (we have 3 neighborhoods here in Osório...) so we decided to focus more in Santo Antônio again.  We figured out how we can double our working hours there, and are going to work better with the members that are living there. Vamos lá!

This last week, we had a really huge let-down, that we are still kind of bummed out about.  We  had an investigator, Jovelina decide that she wants to be baptized.  That was until Saturday night, when her son came over from his house in Viamão, where he was living.... He was able to convince her that she is not ready and that she doesn't know if she really wants to be part of the church.  He got inside of her head and mixed her up so much that she doesn't even remember half of our lessons any more.  I was so extremely bummed, and we tried all that we could but unfortunately, she told us that after what her son had told her, she had no idea if she realy wants what the church has to offer (eternal salvation through holy ordanances?) Well, We were really bummed.   REALLY Bummed.  Anyways, that was the highlight of the week.  

Have an excelent week everybody.  Love helping your Elders.

Elder Eliason

esta semana

October 6, 2013

Well, this week was slow, really slow, but we have an excelent new investigator named Gladdis (yeah, like Gladys Knight) but she's excelent! She has so much faith! She works in beauty salon, doing women's hair, nails, feet, and other hair-things.... the beauty salon is below the Wizard, the member owned English-School/chapel here in Santo Antônio da Patrulha.  She smoked about 2 packs of cigarretts every day, but when we passed for the first time, we were talking about our lives...and she commented that she wanted to stop smoking, so I told her to stop, and to be baptized, she needs to stop.  Well, I call her every day at 9 hrs the night, and ask her how was her day (not a danger, she is like 50) and if she smoked.  To this day, she has not touched another cigarette. :) wooohooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE PEOPLE WHO HAVE FAITH SUFFICIENT TO SHOW THE LORD THEIR WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tanner, (not mincing words here...but in the most lovingly condoning older brother type tone....) you are an idiot.  I love you, but you are an idiot.  To be frank, I would have done the same thing.... Poison Ivy is definitely worth not getting tagged in XC tag.  

Preston, that little brown trout looks like 5 inches, you ate him??????? Please tell me no....

****************************CRAZY STORY*************************

MOM= Prepare yourself, sit down and drink a cup of water before reading........ and take a couple of deep breaths...

I am fine. I am safe.

Those  sentances are the result of a very very very big miracle, thanks to the work of the Lord.

Wednesday, we were teaching in the beauty salon, downtown SAP. Well, we hear a huge ruckus happen out side, and looked out to see what was happening.  As we looked out, a dude ran past us as fast as he possibly could. Without realizing what was happening, we keept looking on.  The man pulled out a revolver and started shooting back, in our direction.  Three policemen with M-16s and 9mms started shooting back at him.  

Us in the middle. 

We hit the deck, and crawled back inside of the cement-walled salão de beleza, and waited for the shooting to stop.   What happened: The man had hijacked a semi-truck full of fresh leather hides out in Canoas (city close to SAP)  and was diving it in our direction, he was passing through SAP when a policeman saw him *(they had put out an APB on the missing semi)  Well, the hijacker saw the policeman, and because of the fact that he was stopped at a stoplight inbetween cars, he couldn't escape, so he ditched the semi, still running.  Well, the first policeman ditched his own car, and jumped into the semi as it started rolling into the oncoming traffic, and stopped it, while another policeman started to run after the man.  Shots were fired, and finally the policemen wounded him in the leg after he jumped the fence on the side of the beauty salon.

Miracle:  he did not enter the beauty salon to escape, the door was open, and it was probably a more realistic escape route for him.  

May I just say that I feel blessed and protected by the Lord.

I loved general conference.  We didn't have the opportunity to watch the priesthood session, but Ill listen to it here in a little bit.  Obrigado :)

Amo vocês 

Elder Eliason

well........ the real letter

September 30, 2013


well...... Carine was baptized!
The 2 were Confirmed!

to this day, I have had 19 baptisms here in Osório.  All are active except for a man and his wife, that decided to be offended from one of the lessons in the Gosple Principles class, which is a personal problem, that they have to work out with the Lord.  

I will stay here in Osório and Santo Antônio da Patrulha for atleast 6 more weeks.  that makes now 6 months in total.  1/4 of my mission.  

I'm excited because one of our inactive friends that we were trying to reactivate over the last 4 years.... (yeah, its been a long process, they give lunch to us every month, but they are not married, so he can't be baptized, and she feels guilty for breaking the law of Chastity) he finally proposed yesterday!!!!!!!! we were there, it was at her birthday party..... sooooooo gooooood!!!!!!! woohoooo!

I realized something the other day- It has been a really really really long time since I have written any letter.   I'm sorry for anybody who wrote me, letters have really lost my interest, I love reading them and all, but Ill be home here in 10 months, so if you have something important, send a letter, if its just an update, send an email ( or if you want to marry me, well, send a package or a Will-Ferril, Elf-like, singing christmas-gram.

okay, I hope that my sarcasm has not become too prevelant.-Im out of time, this transferencia has created a chaotic mess of my inbox.

te amo, todo mundo, te amo

Elder Eliason

wooooooooooooohooooooooooo it's raining again :)

So, for the last 4 days it has been non-stop rain again.  A sure sign that it is spring now here in southern Brazil.

  Well.... We had another baptism this weekend, the brother of Cassianie:  It has been quite a deal working with them, they are SUPER POOR, I mean, REALLY poor, they are in 7 brothers and sisters, and their mom and stepfather.... Well, the stepfather went to work this week and never returned home, so .... yeah, they are suffering a lot of problems right now, and in her hysterical state the mother told her sons that she doesn't think that they are prepared to be baptized, MUCH to our chagrin.  They got it stuck in their heads about it (they were super excited to be baptized last week, but now they were super resistant) I insisted that they atleast have the baptismal interviews and see if they are ready.  Luiz was the first (he is 11) he went into the interview, and after 30 seconds our DL got up and called the mom to the room.  Well, I don't know how, but after 5 minutes she returned with a huge smile on her face, and the kid passed the interview and she signed the permission slip.  Miracles.  Luiz Henrique was baptised at 1o'clock yesterday.

Mother, you asked me about my companion- Well, for the first 2 transfers I was with Elder R. Santos, he is from São Paulo, and worked as a parking ticketer for the government.  Yeah.   Well, he got transfered 5 weeks ago, and Elder Araujo de Souza arrived.  He is from Caucaia, close to Fortaleza.  Speaks with a REALLY thick accent, and uses a lot of really strange jargin and slang.  He has 7 months on the mission.

I forgot to say, I am eating a Panatone right now, its like a giant chocolate-chip muffin, the size of my head.  VERY delicious, it is also the only thing that I have found here that has chocolate chips.  

This Friday, we will have the baptism of Carine, it is her birthday, she is turning 12, and so she wants to enter directly into the young womans program.  Wooohooo!!!! Pray that everything goes right.

Saturday we will have a pizza competition as the ward activity. (my idea, thank you)   Only the men are allowed to cook (again, because if the women were allowed, their egos would be destroyed, and we would lose about 80% of our ward frequency).

I just remembered that next week we have transfers. wooohoooo..... Transferencias are better than Christmas here!  seriously!

fique firme! 
te amo,

Elder Eliason

This week, on the district...

Sept. 13, 2013

Well, it has been fun, this week was crazy.

We started off with a family home evening on monday, where the brother, Irmão Carlos Martins, asked us about the little girl with the afro that went to church.  My companion looked at him, and asked, What girl?  He tried to describe her, but we had never seen her before.  He told us that the family of Edélcio (our recent converts) had brought her, she is their neighbor.  Well, he told us that he would be willing to take us to their house the following day.  We went, Mateus, the son of Edélcio took us to her house.  Her name is Cassianie, she is 14, and has absolutely embraced the precepts of the gosple.  We taught her and her 6 brothers and sisters and her parents.  Yeah all 9.  We baptised her yesterday.  Carlos Martins took us to visit her every night last week.   EVERY NIGHT.    Yesterday at the baptism, all of her brothers told us that they all want to be baptised too.  WOOOOOOHOOOOOO its a dream.  The parents are very suportive, but the only problem is that they are not married..... rarely anybody here is married, it's expensive, and very labor-intensive.  We will have fun this week again :)

We also were teaching Rafael, the young man of 15 who smokes.  He decided that he wanted nothing to do with the church, but his mother, who went to church the week before loved it, absolutely adored it.  He lost interest, but his mom and sister gained interest.  We taught them every night last week too, just after Cassianie (thanks to Carlos Martins)  They too were baptised yesterday.  I am so extremely excited for them.   They brought ALL of their neighbors to watch the baptism, and so....yeah, we are going to teach EVERYBODY.... 

We also had a young woman appear yesterday in the church for the first time...her name is Carine (which means tender loving care) and is the sister of our miracle baptism last month, Carol.   Well, she declared to the young womans program yesterday that she will be baptized on her birthday.  yeah, um...thanks for telling the Elderes...... (we had no idea)  well... This will be awesome :) she was an ex-investigator, that we cut (she never progressed) but now she has decided that the time has come.  WOOOOHOOOO  We will have a family home evening tonight with her, her sister, her mom, and Carlos Martins and his wife, Sandra.  

 I absolutely love that family (Carlos and Sandra), they have recently become active in the church, decided to serve a mission as a senior couple, but decided to stay in their own branch to help it.  Well, they are willing to do ANYTHING for us.  I love them.  They are hillarious, Carlos hates americans, not because of us, but because of our international oil domination (it's really funny to hear him rant about it) Sandra is an angel who puts up with the absolute rediculousness of Carlos.  He declared the other day that he will buy the first coppy of the Liahona in Portuguese....for over 300 reals, which is completely absurd.  She just looked at him, looked at the computer, and looked at him again and asked: How do you know that that person actually will send it and not just take your money? He began to speak, and then stopped and thought and said Your right! Well, Ill buy a whole bunch of other junk with that money (*he is a retired justice enforcer worker, as they say in Portuguese, like judicial security I think...)  Kind of funny.

Funny thing- this lan house where we use the computers is playing some music in english...the brazlians have no idea what it means.... really funny.

I love you all....

Elder Eliason