Wednesday, September 12, 2012

bum bu buh buh, buh bu bumm... buh bu bu bu, bu bu bu bu bu, bum bu buh bu, buh bu bu... buh bu buh buh bu buh bu bum bum bum bum....
ten bucks if you can figure out what song that is...
okay, so I really don't have that fantastic of an email to write today...  I wrote some ideas in my missionary planner, but I left that in the room four floors up... so... i'mma wing it.
This week.....I played the violin again for the Sunday night devotional, we ate berries that were growing on the trunk of a tree (very odd looking), learned the Portuguese word for a slacker (in the LDS sense)... Fubeca...  Oh! okay, so on Friday, Brazil had it's independence day, and it's NUTS!!!!! The chefs litterally brought out 100 gallons of icecream (the first time that we had had any since arriving here) and we proceded to devour all of it.  DELICIOUS.  I also believe that the Brazilian national anthem will allways be playing in my head, whether I want it to or not..  my teacher, Irmão Costa ran around the CTM the entire day wearing a brazilian flag as a cape...I love that guy to death.  Sunday evening, my district stayed up a bit late and threw a devotional party, we keept our classroom computer running (the one that´s connected to the TV), and streamed President Holland´s devotional live, while eating Brazilian chocolate and gummies. It was fantastic! If you have not watched it, I highly recomend roommates keep saying that President Holland is going to bring the church into a new phase of combating evil, he was as blunt and poignant as ever, I love it!  Today I get my leather scripture cases, so photos will be coming shortly...
I´m not quite what else to say....good luck Sockey-Wockey at school ~;D  I sent you a letter last week, but it was to the Virginia address, so you´ll probably not get it for another 2 weeks... and OH MY GOODNESS, WOOT WOOT!!!! congrats to my cousin SARAH AYER for getting her mission call, Elder Schenewark and I threw a party last night because I got the notification :D
Best of luck to all!!!!
Elder Tyler Eliason
P.S. Letters are looked forward to as the highlight of each day, and are definitely held in the most high reguard...*hint hint*
P.S.S. Scripture of the week: Alma 32:28

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