Monday, November 19, 2012

This goes against everything they ever taught me in medical schooollleee..........

name that movie...tanner

alright, so your description of cheese-cake factory pumpkin cheescake w/ pecan pie makes me just want to melt right now.....(i'm fasting.... and theres nothing even near that here...) well, the news about israel really doesn't suprise me.... and the fact that egypt is trying to broker an agreement is absolutely hillarious to me...seeing as how Egypt is currently run by the Muslim Brotherhood, the same organization that funds Hamas and the Taliban...

sorry...missionary thoughts...
bum pu dum pu...
well....this week has been rough in a short sence of the word....
we have spent the last five days going through the ward directory (the only one that has ever been produced, and is only updated by a single secretary whenever somebody gets baptized...they just enter the name and address) well there are about 300 members here in Bento that we know about...we have about 120 active... so we have been going around trying to find the inactives....and teach them and their families...this is a very effective way to help the ward...usually the inactives have families who are not members... so we teach a lesson to the family, the inactive is the member...and some times they start going to church again...its happened several times recently so we decided to try and do it some more...well, the problem is when the records have never been updated, and so for example we were looking for a family yesterday...we found the address, asked the lady who was living there if she knew of the people....and she said yes. success right!?!?! well, turns out that she bought the house from them 16 years ago. yeah. 16 years ago! I was three when they moved out. :/ okay... our number of lessons have been suffering this week because of the search, but we feel like the lessons we are teaching are much more effective, meaningful, and powerful....actually to be honest, our numbers are at about half of what they were last transfer....but like I said, its getting better :)

you asked me about the music we listen to here... well, elder bryant likes the EFY music.... so whenever he puts that on on Pday, I usually go into the bedroom and take a nap. we do have a random few songs that a member put on a DVD for us...a couple of alex boye, amy grant, Hillary weeks, jericho road...etc, lds music..
what music would i like? on a dvd, because we dont have cd players, but we all have a small dvd player....motab, motab, motab....and calm winston style?
oh, so I have been reading cousin Danie'ls emails....and it blows me away how different the missionary lifestyle is here from there.... starting with just the's ours:
0630 wakeup and exercise
0700 shower/bathroom/getdressed
0730 breakfast/write in journal
0800 personal study
0900 companionship study
1000 trainer-junior missionary program
1030 language study
1100 free-study time until necessary to leave for lunch, which could be at 11 or 1155
1200 lunch w/ member
1300 proselyting
2100 end last lesson and be within half hour walk of home
2130 planning
2200 food/prep for bed/LDM chapter read
2230 lights out

this can be slightly obnoxious at times, zero change in the schedule...but hey, it's good, we get 8 hours of straight proselyting every day. no, we dont eat dinner... and we don't have bikes or cars...we either walk everywhere, or if by some miracle we have cash, we take the bus...

oh well, the computer i'm using is different than any other type i've ever used, and there are no usb inputs that i can pictures will have to wait until next week... sorry.
i laughed when i heard that hostess applied for bankrupcy... oh, speaking of bread, one of our recent converts gave us a huge loaf of home-made bread fresh out of the oven....yeah, I ate my entire half within 20 minutes of getting home...somethings don't change ... especially cinnamon and sugar and butter on fresh bread.... :))))))
anyways, thank you for all of the letters, I actually got 2 more this week when we went to a leadership meeting in Caxias do Sul...thanks everybody :)
mom, you asked for a recipe for brazilian beans...well, youre going to laugh...
black beans
diced onion
couple of crushed cloves of garlic
random chunks of any type of meat
cook it all together for a while in a pot of water (we use pressure cookers here, awesome, scary but awesome, they are aluminum pans with a pressure lid, that once it's sealed, doesn't open until you let out all of the steam...also makes it nice because you never have to add more water...) also, don't drain the beans, cook it until the beans are super tender and the water is black and soupy...then serve over rice along with some random other style of a. pasta, b. meat, or c. polenta...jelified corn meal :P or plain. yummy....lots of people here eat it with crushed potato chips over top...very delicious

anyway, don't set off the smoke-detectors, love you mom XD

Elder Eliason

ps. my hair has once again become the color of snow....

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