Monday, December 24, 2012


howdy there, well, it as happened, I am no longer in the beautiful bento gonçalves...I am now in an area called Lindóia, i am actually in the office..... I am a junior companion to one of the APs, yup, I get to learn how to be an AP, two transfers in..... ?:) oh well, I get to see the mission president every day, which is tons of fun, he is a brilliant american (IQ level = genius..) His wife is hillarious, and we have a good time here... we work hard, but they are a bunch of crack-ups, when it is appropriate to be...oh my heavens, elder Dowden, my companion, is absolutely hillarious... he dies this transfer, so I will have to stick around at least one more transfer in order to keep the information about the area up to date and investigators going on what we work on...but for the time being, we are together here in the office, doing computer-number crunching, area-securing, and taking care of the mission....resolving any issues (ie...elders who have gotten mugged, apartments on fire, etc....) we also call all of the areas on a regular basis to make sure everybody is running at 110%... it is a ton of fun, but it is also requiring a ton of patience...nobody is ever responsible for anything that happens...of course, it's somebody else's fault.... -.- oh well, i'ts going to be a good transfer
Elder Dowden is an incredible missionary, he is from San Diego, and did Army ROTC there at USoCal... cool huh? well, we live with the other AP and his junior companion Elder Anastácio, from São Paulo, who entered the CTM at the same time as me, four months back... they're unbelievably awesome. we also live with the Mission Executive secretary, Elder Rech, who is from Santa Catalina Brazil, which takes care of basically everything that the president doesn't have time for (normally lots of computer data entry, missionary small problems...etc..) and the Financial Secretary, Elder McMullen, who is from Connecticut...and is in the least-gratifying and hardest-working position here on the mission... he is incredible.... so that makes 6 of us, we live in a full house across the street from the mission HQ.... thus the title of this email.. it's pretty crazy, seeing as how we have 1 bathroom that works, and 2 bedrooms and a kitchen that could fit inside our blue bathroom.... it's a hoot. i love it, we have such a fun time all the time, and they know when it is time to buckle down and do work. we have a fantastic time and I am learning tons of teaching techniques, Portuguese and other missionary qualities from them all the time when we are studying...., our study time is incredible, we cover so much more material than I thought was possible with an incredible comprehension.. they are awesome
today we ate xis burgers again, so absolutely incredible....i had a xis bacon...which means I had a hamburger patty as big as the plate, toasted buns to match, peas, corn, fried egg, cheese, bacon, tomato, lettuce, grease, ketchup and good... most of the other guys got stuff like chicken hearts, fries, pepperoni, sausage...etc, on the burgers, but each of those cost an extra 2 or 3 real each, so i opted out... we drink an incredible amount of tereréi here, lemonade with the green hay/grass that has been chopped's really good....also, most people drink coke here instead of water, it's just a fact and we adapt to it :) we had the yearly burn this morning, where we get all the files that have to be destroyed, and burn them all....all 8 boxes of them, we threw them in our barbaque pit, and spent an hour trying to defy the extreme heat of burning paper by putting more paper on the fire....yeah, i have no more hair on my right hand........ and my eyebrow hairs are a little bit shorter than normal....not that anybody can tell...

it rained for the last 3 days, so hard to the point where there were quite a few roads that had to close due to flooding...but that didn't stop us from walking along them (I brought my fire-fighting boots that are waterproof, elder Dowden wasn't so lucky...oh well...) now it is 90 with 100 percent humidity....oh well :) it's summer, we eat at an all you can eat buffet almost every day because the members don't give us lunch, we have a schedule of lunches, but everybody either forgets (we always call the night before???) or doesn't prepare anything and just gives us whatever, i have eaten watermelon, mangoes and pineapple by the kilo over the last couple of's awesome...they are so much better than up there in the states, no offence (except probably hawaii....)

i am also losing weight again :( I entered the CTM at 76 kilos, I exited at 86 kg.... I weighed myself this morning, im back down to 74....oh well, the CTM weight wasn't good anyways... oh, we have a pull up bar here, so i'm happy, my arms wont atrophate all the way now :)
i am terribly sorry for what happened on the phone today can't put me on speaker phone..i couldn't hear a thing, just a ton of yelling...and my time expired, so i'll talk to y'all on tuesday at 1230 your time :)
you asked who can send emails, any family member and grandparent :)

elder eliason
Xis Burgers

Elder Dowden and I
 All of the roommates

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