Monday, May 27, 2013


Well, it has been another week here in Erechim and Viadutos, There have been very little changes, Iliana e Marcelo are continuing to be incredible, Ilianie and Zolan are super sad that I will be transferred because I have been the only person in a long time to be able to calm down their deficient son, Jonny.  We actually were able to teach them the Word of Wisdom through Jonny.  It was incredible to see him smile and tell us about how much he loves watermelon and papaya. We explained to him that it is very healthy, and that our bodies need special fuel.  We have been teaching a kid by the name of Mateus, he has embraced the gospel, and is absolutely loving it, but his father is pretty hard, we had a date marked to be baptized last sunday, but he never told his dad until the night before....yeah, we didn't know that.  His mom sat in on all of the lessons, and is very loving and is willing to support his decision to be baptized, but the fight now is the father.  The interesting thing is that his father was almost baptized in in the 7th day Adventist church some 20 years ago (a church VERY strong and influential here), which means that whether he realizes it or not, he is open to different ideas other than those of Catholicism.  The future missionaries here in Erechim will have to talk to him directly and teach him about the church. This way he will allow his son to be baptized. 

Oh, I litterally just recieved a notice that I will be transfered tonight. Beleza.

Well.  That's what's important. I'm doing fine.  I've eaten my weight in avocado this week.  The brazilians refuse to accept that we eat avocado in normal foods, and not for dessert.  They only eat it in stuff like ice cream, smoothies, and milkshakes.  yeah.  my companion has eaten over 30 avocados with just sugar in the last week.  The problem is that everybody is thinking that they're doing us a favor when we are walking on the road, people hand us avocados.  They grow wildly on the roads here.  Like lemons and oranges.  EVERYWHERE.  Everybody's house we visit they make lemon juice or orange juice (fantastic!) or juice of avocado (not too delicious, but of course I accept and drink and say that it is fantastic).  

We have 4 families that are in the process of getting married so that they can be baptized, please pray for them: IndionĂ© and Marisellie, Rodrigo and Sandra,  Diego and Elizianette, and Ilianie and Marcelo. :D

thank you for the wonderful letter, Mother thank you for the photos :) 
You all have a fantastic week, 

Keep your stick on the ice,
(manter seu taco no gelo)

Elder Eliason

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