Tuesday, August 6, 2013


A long long time ago, in a "[Country]" far far away......
there was a missionary.  Who completed almost every goal set by his leaders, but at the end of the day, the only investigator who was capable of being baptized, decided not to.  Imagine his sadness.  Imagine the sadness of that investigator's mother and father that were baptized last month and that sadness that they won't be able to be sealed with the investigator.  time.  Time. TIME. Time will tell.  oh well, that basically sums up the week. yup.
We hiked mount Bourussia,  the local mountain.  The other elders, (we live in 4) wanted to take the trail, not the road (not a problem), but we couldnt find the trail (problem.) and so they decided that we would climb anyways.  straight up the face of the mountain, through the forest.  The brazilian semi-tropical rainforest.  yes. Many spiders and mosquitos.  many many many mosquitos. We survived.  It was fun.
I did a division with elder Rollings, from Georgia. He's awesome.
I watched "Charlie" the chick-flick from the church..........it was pretty awful, until she died.   then it got a little bit better.  whatever.
There's really not that much happening here.....its all typical.  I'm trying to remember if anything cool happened last week.  Oh, Doctor Itsuko, (the wife of our branch president) a little japanese woman who is about 55, burnt the living tar out of the evil grandma of Carol, our recent convert.  pretty funny. We blew all of our monthly money making a marriage possible for a couple that is super dear to us.  it's going to be a weight-loss month again. :) it's all right, the ward takes care of us, they give us dinner sometimes, but always lunch, it's pretty sweet :)
I love the fact that Brandon Blake ate the chili peppers from the garden, out of all of the peppers, I think that Chili peppers have the best flavor.
no mom, I still haven't Kicked the habit. -----hahahahhaa, get the pun! hahahaha.

we made tacos last pday, this week I think that we will make breakfast casserole-my idea.
Love you all....

Elder Eliason

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