Saturday, April 12, 2014


So...... This week was SUPER SLOW except for general conference that flew by.  I LOVE GENERAL CONFERENCE.  Weird right? That anybody would enjoy sitting on a wooden bench listening to old gentlemen talk for 10 hours?  I always get super sad when it ends, I always want more.  Seriously, this time, we were able to open the stake secretary's office and watch it in English on the computer!!!! WOOO HOOO!!!!! This was good because my companion still doesn't understand much Portuguese when people talk fast, like translators.  There was also a greenie sisiter that was with us, so she needed it too.  Funny huh?  My first time watching conference in English is my last conference on the mission??? hahaha, anyways.... LOVED Elder Oak's talk, Loved Boyd K Packer's farewell testimony, and of course I love the Bednar and Holland talks, they always put fire in my bones!!!!!  I don't think I've ever heard that in English, but we say it a lot in Portuguese..

Our baptism this week fell through, unfortunately. We were preparing to give the final check-mate lesson when the other Elderes called needing interviews, so we did a division, and the other elder didn't finish her off.  She'll be baptised this week along with this week's baptism.  This week's baptism has been investigating the church for 17 years now, and this week, we will finally get her baptised.  She's 68. Her son is serving a mission in Brazilia. yeah.

funny story, so last night, we were doing contacts at the giant park of iniquity- every Sunday night, all of the rebels, hooligans, pot-heads, stoners, Daisy-dukes, and Preps all come out to the giant park 3 blocks from our house to dance, eat, smoke, and drink ( merry, for on the morrow they will die...)  etc.... It's a bunch of nonsense, but lots of people go just because it's a city-wide activity.  There are tons of cotton-candy, popcorn, kabob sellers that walk around with carts, or have bbqs going so they can earn some money.  We were doing some contacts, and I got a bunch of addresses to visit, when one of the candied popcorn salesman called me over.  His popcorn stand is one that you set up and stay there untill you take it home...  He called me over and asked me what I am doing (I was doing contacts in front of his stand, I thought he would ask me to do them somewhere else, a typpical thing for these aggressive entrepreneurs....) I told him that I was an official representative of Jesus Christ here to help everybody repent and be baptized.  He chuckled, and then almost in panic, he asked me to watch his stand for a minute while he goes to the bathroom...he had been needing to go for the last 3 hours, but couldn't leave the stand alone for fear of people robbing or stealing the stand....  I agreed, and when he came back, he gave me some free chocolate popcorn.  Unfortunately he wasn't interessted in the church, but he told me that I was an answer to a slight plea unto the Lord.  Funny stuff.

stay in there everybody,
Elder Eliason

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