Monday, February 25, 2013

Todo mundo, agora tenho o opportunid​ade para fazer uma email para vocês

So this week has been awesome!
Carlos is incredible-just like the Gretz family, he goes out with the missionaries every sunday evening and every tuesday afternoon, and is continually looking for people that he knows to visit with the missionaries...he told me that he was saving money to visit the united states for a month, but now he is using that fund to prepare to serve a mission...he has been baptized for just over a month now, he truly inspires me.

Anderson was baptized saturday, unforutnately and fortunately 95 percent of the people that would have been there were at the temple, actually, there were only 2 families there to see it, but its just the same, he has started on the path of eternal happiness. 
This month we have baptized 3 people here in Erechim (2 the week before I came) and so we have completed our goal and this next week we probably will have a p-day da zona! but this one will be AWESOME and we will do churrasco and play Uno, a classic (elder Dowden gave me a pack of uno cards before he left that he brought from the US but never used....we play uno like normal, but with a few twists that make it a lot more fun, fast, and entertaining...if you have a card of the same color and number, you can place it on the deck even if it isnt your turn, and if you do this, the round automatically starts over with the person on the right of funny...and you can stack skips...and +2 and +4....its so fun!) we had an opportunity to play because our Zone leaders did a Lightning Blitz with us on thursday...we were doing companionship study when there was a knock at the door. Boom, LZs are at our appartment 2 hours via onibus long from their area.... Oi Elderes! vamos fazer Blitz hoje!, we divided, I went with Elder Warner and elder Lucas de Souza with Elder Figureiro, and visited almost all of our investigators and visited tons of contacts and people...just to accelerate the work in this area. It was hillarious, because as soon as they left the next day, our Leader de Distrito showed up with his companion to do the interview for Anderson, how awesome was that!
Well, one of the lessons we taught (Elder Warner and I) was a group of cousins (5 girls and 1 boy) who were just chilling drinking chemarrão in the garage, well we taught them the 1st lesson, they didn't seem too extremely excited but said that they would pray and if they recieved an answer, would be baptized, cool huh? well, we visited them yesterday, and only one of them was there (the most snakey of them all) but her entire family and was we taught them, and although the snake didn't have too much interest, her mother was on the edge of her seat clinging onto every word that we said. everybody concorded that if it were true, they would join, but she really was the one that was never know who is listening and who will be there if you all of the future missionaries---talk to EVERYBODY and invite EVERYBODY in the house to hear the message, and invite EVERYBODY to pray and if they recieve an answer, be baptized. It really works!
Thank you so much for the emails from Dan and Sarah, I look forward to reading them when we return to the apartment. 

I love the gospel, and I know that it is true...just search, ponder, and pray :)

Te amo, e A Igreja é verdadeira

Elder Eliason

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