Saturday, February 2, 2013

well yeee-haw

E ai caras, como vocês estão?

well, its been a very office-oriented week....transfers are going down on tuesday, so we have (unfortunately but necessarily) been spending most of our days working out the transfers and what not. We have a new family that we go teach about every other day, they are incredible, the parents are a little bit fubecca-ish, but they have some of the most incredible kids ever! The parents were baptised several years ago, but fell away from the church, the kids were never baptised. They have a 16 year old, 12 year old, and a 9 year old, all of them are interested in the church, and the parents want to start coming back. The twelve year old is the sweetest little girl, and even though the mother has a really hard time understanding the scriptures (the older language really confuses her) the 12 year old is already in 1 Nefi 5, and we gave her a Book of Mormon on Wednesday. When I asked her what she thought of it so far, to see how well she was comprehending it, her response blew me away, and I directly quote/translate "Well, it would appear that the older brothers of Nefi were wrong in their motives and beliefs." BOOM! my head just exploded. SHE's 12! her mother didn't read with her, her brother didn't read with her, her dad goes to work at 5 in the afternoon until 2 am....She is incredible! I am super sad that I'm going to be transfered next week..I will not have the opportunity to see her or her brother be baptised on the 16th, but I know that they'll be in good hands. I will be leaving this super rich high-rise fast life style area, to go to a small farming community out in the Passo Fundo area (I can't tell where exactly it is right now because nobody else knows, just the Elders in the office) But I'm super excited, they are the real native cowboys and gauchos out there...I'm very excited.

It's really interesting to see how the church works down here because many times, it is so new that people don't know how the church is run some times. For example, there is a ward here where the bishop is new and he is actually a recent convert from Kenya. He relies on the other leadership of the ward for a lot of guidance, along with the manuals and the Spirit obviously. Interesting to think about, but seriously, the gospel is exploding here, there is so much potential, I would not be surprised if the number of LDS members here outnumber those in the states in a few years. It is incredible, and it is directed by The Lord, if it wasn't, it would fall to pieces. I have seen it here in the office, if it was not the true church, all of the missionaries would be having much bigger problems at the moment than worrying about investigators. We also had the opportunity yesterday to do companionship study with President and Sister Wright, what an incredible opportunity. They are incredible.
Besides that, lunch this week fell though all but 2 days, so we ate Xis-do Bruxo twice...bad idea, I always get the SuperBruxo, a 10 inch burger with a fried egg, grilled chicken strips, cheese, lettuce, tomato, peas, corn, bacon, pepperoni-like sausage, chicken hearts, and about a cup of mayo...all cooked together on a flat-top. SO deliciouis! All on a massive toasted bun. Costs about 7 USD, which for a Xis is pretty expensive, but it is so worth it. It is not the best of ideas afterwards to go walking for hours and hours in the 100 degree heat dressed in slacks and a white shirt and tie. But, hey we do it anyways. I have got to say the best thing to eat for breakfast is their "sonhos" or dreams.... Thick tough dougnuts filled with either Creme de leite or Dolce de Leite.
anyways....back to the spiritual side of the Mission....over the course of this month, we had 8 baptisms in our zone, with many more to come this coming month, but since 8 was our goal, we earned a P-day da Zona! or a Pday where everybody in the zone gets to spend p-day together, a rare opportunity to have fun with other elders and sisters we don't get to see very often. We are probably going to just chill here in the office, but the office also doubles as the institute buidling, and on the institute side, there is Billiards, ping-pong, air-hockey, and 3 tables of foos-ball. We also have a fenced in soccer and basketball court, so if any of us feels the desire to run around in the 100 degree sun, we can.
Mother, you would be proud of me, as I have been doing a lot of data entry for the office this week, I have been listening to Chopin and Rachmaninoff. I am feeling the pull to learn how to play piano again, but it'll have to wait until after the mission.
Thats all for now folks.
Do some good in the world today:
-A honey bee makes about 1/12 of a teaspoon of honey every month, yet we can buy 5 gallon buckets of it- every little act of kindness counts

Elder Eliason

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