Monday, March 11, 2013

hey howdy hey

Well.............I am going crazy, it's eleven ten, and our zone leaders have yet to call us and tell us about the transfer! today is the transfer! AAAAAAKKKKKKK, I know at the very least that I am going to train, I don't know if we are going to open up a new area, fill an old area, or even if I will be transfered, but I got an e-mail with the list of trainers that have to show up in Porto Alegre tomorrow morning to get the greenies or verginhos in portuguese. AAAAAAAKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!! this is definitely a test of my patience.... :( I don't enjoy tests of patience, oh well, what can I do... well, I can call them, but that won't solve the matter. Humpfh. Oh well, this week we...had P-day da zona, which was fun for a bit, but we had not much planned and so it was a lot of sitting around deciding to do nothing...yeah, it was funtastical. :/ Oh well, the really cool thing that happened this week was that we did a "super blitz" a blitz is when a pair of missionaries leave their area and go to another area to work there and increase the number of investigators and such. Well, there exists an area in our zone called Lagoa Vermelha (red lake) and they were having a branch conference, and the president of the mission told them that if they could get 100 people to go to the conference, the branch could upgrade to ward status. Well, the entire zone went over to that area (all 16 of us) and we worked all day there doing contacts on the street, knocking doors *(much to my chagrin- here in Erechim, I refuse to knock doors) and visiting less actives. Well, yesterday, they had 74 people show up, as opposed to the normal 25. Presidente is taking this into consideration, along with the fact that a man (not an investigator prior) showed up and had a dream/vision while he was listening to the speaker. He's going to be baptized this sunday :D how cool is that!
Something really funny about Erechim...Elder Warner went on splits with me and we did a contact and met the garage full of girls right? well, Elder Lucas de Souza and I keep returning and one of the girls, Rafaella, has been reading the Book of Mormon and praying about it. To this moment she hasn't "recieved an answer" but every time we talk to her, I can definitely feel the spirit. She's 17 and super snakey, but thats okay, if she is doing all that we ask of her, we will keep on teaching her. Funny how stuff like that works. hmm...Im going to be training, I wonder if he will be American or Brazilian, or from Africa, we have quite a few Africans in this mission. Im super excited.
hmm...Something interesting from this week in church, a brother was teaching the lesson in Elders Quorum, and he said something about how we show our love through service and dedication to one another, and then he went on to describe how dedication is the true sign of love, using several splendid examples such as missionary work, families, etc...and then he went on to use a negative example that proved his point...negative example? prostitues and how they gain beautiful gifts, but they don't get the dedication. It woke up everybody in the entire quorum and made me laugh. I brought my camera this week, so I'll send a couple of photos here in a bit.
Thanks for the photos and love, I love it. Best of luck to my friend Jenny Lee who left for the mission a couple of weeks ago NY, NY, North, Mandarin speaking, parabens ela :)

Te amo, e A Igreja é verdadeira,
Elder Eliason (whose stomach is feeling a lot better, thank you)

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