Monday, April 8, 2013


Well, after Sarah Ayer's fantastic email,my computerhas decided thatthespace baris no longer important. No,I amnottrying to replicateher email, but it is truely annoying to slam the space bar every word. So lately I have been concentrating really hard on my Portuguese gramar and spelling, as I have been writing emails in portuguese and taking notes,etc.... but Ihavenoticed a very bad trend, my spelling ofthe English languagehas been taking a huge downfall....anyways, this week. Well, we sufferedthis week. Not interms of my legs *(which wouldbe muchmuchmore enjoyable), but in terms of investigators being slackers and the temptations ofthe devil being ever more present.
Our incredible elect family of 5 still hasyettobe baptized. Paulo is smoking 3 cigarettes daily, but has yet to give itup entirely. We aretrying really hard toemphasizeforhim that eternal salvation of his family isresting on his responsability. I think that he has fear of stopping smoking, because he stopped for3 weeks a coupleof years ago. cold turkey. During thosethree weeks, his body did not permit him to sleep, work, or do anything. Hebecame depressed, outraged, and felt useless. Not good for a man who on a weekly basis has to look for new work. On the other hand, his wife is almost done with 2 Nephi. They live in Viadutos, so weonly get to visit them one day every week, this week, we will have a family home Evening with themand anotherfamily,so we shall see.
I have decided to learn capoera when I get back, I saw a couple of guys doing it onthe streets, and I really want to learn. "super show" in portugese.... (very macho) but very very cool.

Conferencewasreally really incredible. Father wasright, it iscompletely different as a missionary. COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. Different in the fact that every talk, I sat there thinking, alright, howcan I apply this in my teachings, andhow canthe investigatorsapply this in their life. Satrudays sessions wereexcelent, we had a fantastic 10 people in thechapel and I brought a quia of chemarrao and my new garrafa termica (thermal waterbottle,thatholds 2litresof hotwater) and we drank chemarrão and listenedto the talks. Sunday morning we had Alipio (an 85 yearold man who I made friends with on the streets, wears bombachas and drinks only chemarrão, and practically yells when he talks, but is super excited about life) show up, along withthe mother of oneof ourmembers, who we havebeen teaching slowly (she doesn't pick up on a lot of stuff, so everything has tobe explained slowly and clearly multiple times, but whatever) Immediately afterwards, we went to São Valentine, a city about 30 minutes tothe west of Erechim, wherewe taught a new family, the brother of a sister in our ward, whose wife didnt believe thatthe missionaries would actually come, but was cryinging joywhen we arrived. Theyare AWESOME, we talked with the member, and she saidthat she has been trying to getthem to cometo church forthe last 4 years, but theynever have come, the missionaries never went to their house, and they felt thatthe church was a foreign thing. Well, we came to their house, talkedabout families, howto fortify them through Jesus Christ, modern day revelation, and Baptism. They need to be married, butthey definitely have means by which,so yeah! Im superexcited.
Anyways,elder P. Souza andI willmake hamburgers today. YEAH! woot! okay, and I willbuy a new metal strawthatwont rust (made from stainless steel) other metal straw/filter, called a bomba, got corroded overthelast couple of days..(superbummer)....ioh weelll..........te amo e A Igreja é verdadeira
Keep your stick on the Ice

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