Monday, April 22, 2013


hey you, I just met you, and this is crazy, so here's the chapel- be baptized maybe?
yeah....we're fighting to keep a positive attitude, we had 10 investigators go to church yesterday, but neither of the investigators that we had marked a baptism with yesterday went. Vilmar, my dear friend didn't pass the baptismal interview....he passed on a conditional basis, but the fact that he didn't go to church yesterday kills me and made it impossible for him to get baptized. Geo, well, we have yet to hear his justification for not going to church...

I hate excuses. Please, just suck it up and tell us that you overslept or something. Dont blame it on the laundry, or dog, etc....

okay, now that my wrath has settled...we did have a miracle thisweek....

over the last month (without our knowing) Bispo has been searching high and low for a family that supposedly moved into our ward. He had called the bishop of their ward (out in Uruguayana) the grandpa of the family, he had a cell number that wasn't working....etc.... one month in vain. Well, we were walking down the road in a neighborhood about 2 kilometers long of our chapel, and doing contacts on the road. Well, I stopped to do a contact with a young man, and he actually told us that he was a member afastado...inactive. Well, it turns out we were in front of his house, and he invited us to come in. We entered the simple house, 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, 1 kitchen, and a family room....with a decently sized yard. well, there were kids EVERYWHERE. When I say everywhere, I mean everywhere....I asked, so, which of them are part of your family? The response? ALL OF THEM! THEY HAVE 10 KIDS!!!!!!!!! The oldest are twins, they are 17 years
Sandro (father)
Kaita (mother)
Bernardo-10 months

Well.....we were overwhelmed, and asked if all of the kids (of age) were baptized...turns out that Enya and Carla have not! Well........they will be baptized here in a little bit....
It was literally a miracle that we found them that day, we returned that night to the church (we were to meet bishop there to go on splits) and we told him about the family. He got silent, and then got super giddy, super happy, so happy that he ran across the street and bought us a bag of cookies... I didn't know that they made cookies here...but he did...and then he called a taxi and we went to go visit the family. It was the family that he was looking for. 2 Young women, 2 young men, 4 in the Primary, and 2 in the nursery...nearly doubles the number of youth in the ward. I know without a doubt that it was inspiration to find them that day because after talking to the mother....turns out that they ate the last of their food that afternoon, the father was working, but the company was not paying him. (he has yet to recieve 3 months pay) well, Bispo intervened, and everything is tranquil now, but we are working with them...everybody in the ward is super excited to recieve them...and they live close to some of the other there's going to be an awesome increase in the ward.

This was basically the only thing exciting that happened this week, besides the fact that our gas went out (we buy gas by the tank) while I was making lunch last pday and so I ate frozen (already cooked) chicken.
We visited a man with lemon trees (they look like oranges and are green, orange and yellow,) and he gave us about 80 lemons, so we have been making a ton of fresh lemonade lately to combat the cold that has been going around. I will include an easy brasilian lemonade recipe that I made this morning:
5 lemons with the peel taken off (I use a knife, its easier)
1 banana
a ton of ice cubes
sugar to taste
very cold water to fill the blender.

blend it all together
pour it through a juice filter (looks like a bit of windowscreen stretched in an exterior of a magnifying glass.)


very very good.

anyways Lemons, limes and oranges are in season again. its pretty good
Mother, you asked what Pinão tastes like....well, its got a pretty nuteral meaty flavor, you can prepare it salty or sweet, We had it at Irmã Roma's house salty. Tastes like chicken. yeah. tanner, name that movie. Hint, a parrot says that.
anyways. Have a wonderful day. Te amo, e A Igreja é verdadeira.
Keep your stick on the ice.
Elder Eliason

P.S. I just got informed that Neither Elder P. Souza nor I will be transfered, so I will stay in Erechim for the next 6 weeks! :)

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