Monday, June 17, 2013

its the most, crazy time, of the year.............

well, its been a pretty crazy week, we have been working in 2 cities, Santo Antonio and Osório
in Santo antonio, we have found a family on the brink of destruction, but their son of 18 years old, *who looks like david beckham and is an AWESOME investigator* told us that he wants to serve a mission! well, he also asked what he has to do to qualify for a mission, the first thing? we marked the day of 9 of July.  Im excited. He speaks perfect english, so I figure that he probably will serve in the USA....

We have an investigator that is missing a leg, we teach him on occasion, but he is pretty funny.  well, we got to know his wife last monday night, she came in after work (she is a cook) and we were preparing to talk about the Book of mormon.  Well, she started commenting on how she is having a terrible time with her reseraitory system, but is smoking...well, we know how to solve that... there are a variety of ways to help a person stop smoking...2 main ways actually, help the diminish the number (people who smoke more than 2 boxes of cigarettes daily) and stop on the hour (almost everybody, but is much rougher)
well....we employed the stop on the hour technique..
to this day she has yet to smoke or drink coffee again. :)
we also were looking for a contact that the other elders did, when we ran into Juracy.  She is a woman who is 73 years old, has received the missionaries for more than 20 years *(we had no idea)* and had gone to church many times. We entered the house and asked why she was never baptized, she looked at us and blinked, and told us that she has no idea.  Her sister was baptized 5 years ago, and ever since then, she has read every copy of the liahona cover to cover.  well, we invited her to be baptized last sunday.  (4 days after finding her) well.... she passed the interview and was VERY excited to be baptized, but when we passed sunday morning to bring her to church, the door was locked with a padlock from the outside with a piece of paper rolled up in the door....with the following
Respeitosamente (repectively)
Disculpe para incomudar-los (Im sorry to bother you)
mas, depois da intreviesta, um caminhão passou para mudar minhas coisas pra se-mudar pra São Fransisco de Paola (but, after the interview, a large truck passed to pick up my stuff and I moved to the city of São Francisco de Paola)
Eu vou me-batizar lá (I will be baptized there)
address of her new house.
!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOO who does that!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!! the end we had 7 other investigators come to church, so it was okay in the end...but AKKKKK how obnoxious!!!]

anyways, easy come easy go right? whatever
have an incredible week

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