Monday, June 10, 2013

Well, this week was an interesting week, we had to cut almost all of our investigators, nobody wants to go to church or actually discuss the principles of God in the sense of accepting the principles in their life, most of them were just curious about us, if we worship Joseph smith etc....'Oh youre from the USA??? que show (trad: how macho) its a slang that they say here, along with barbaridade tchê! anyways,
the onibus business, Unesul, found my wallet, it fell out of the pocket of my jacket in Passo Fundo, I took a trip to Porto Alegre saturday to go get it, unfortunately my 60 reals was missing, but at least I have my protocol (*ID to be in Brazil, saying that I am registered with the federal police) drivers license, military ID, debit card from the mission...etc... everythings good now :) we took a trip to the beach (zone conference in Capão da Canoas) which was awesome, I took some awesome pictures, but unfortunately this computer is not reading my memory card and so I will have to try again another day, but know I took a ton of photos.
I am extremely excited for Brittany to get here missionary calling, and I am super super super anxious to know where she will go!   When I got mine, my roommate was at home and he took a photo of the envelope and sent the photo to my phone as I was in the middle of chem class....needless to say that I learned absolutely nothing that class......
We found a very poor family this week that is super interested in the gospel, the thing is that they have 15 kids that live with them.  yes, 15, all between the ages of 1 and 24.   we passed by sunday to walk with them to church, and 1 little girl remembered and went with us, actually, we had to wake her up, but thats okay, she was happy.  she is 11, but she said that next week she will wake everybody up early and so we dont have to beat the doors of everybody.  :)
We visited a reference from one of the members in Santo Antonio, which was incredible.  The parents are on the brink of divorce because of the fact that the father doesnt like the catholic ways, and the mother has found spiritualism, which is reincarnation mixed with apostasy.  theyve been fighting for some time and their son who is 17 is studying english, the professor is the group leader in santo antonio, and we visited the family.   it is incredible to see how the gospel can move a family of destruction to union.  It is interesting, because the gosple itself doesn't do anything, but the people change, and the gospel helps them change themselves....and fix the marriage...the entire family will go to church this week.  Im excited.   actually, im SUPER excited, because this weekend is branch conference in Osorio, in the morning, but because of the fact that the son works in the morning, we're going to have a second sacrament meeting in the afternoon in Santo antonio, just so that they can go to church.  Its going to be AWESOME!
Anyways, thats a summary of our week....lots more hotdogs (cachorro quente) every night  EVERY NIGHT.  oh well, its delicious.    and one of our investigators owns a bakery....well, we pass some times to talk to him, and of course, I end up buying a cake....3 reals, or 1.50 dollars, for a 1kg carrot or chocolate cake. so worth it. so worth it.
have a fantastic week, keep me updated
Shoot for the moon, and even if you miss, youll land among stars...
keep your stick on the ice.
elder eliason

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