Monday, December 8, 2014

Nothing Great Lays Itself At Your Feet

First off I tried sending this to everyone last week, but I think I only ended up sending this to Kai. Anyways, here it is again:)


THings I am thankful for
MOM! She is amazing. She has been there for me...... always. She lifs me up when I need it and can make me laugh. Shes one of my best friends.
DAD! Haha we`ve had some great times too. Im mostly grateful for all the things Ive learned from you and that you have taught me. I would not be the person I am today if it had not been for you. Thanks for being there when I needed it
Tyler! Haha, Im grateful for how you inspired me to put certain things in my life (ex running). You also have heavily shaped my life and as Im walking through the streets of Uruguay I think of you and your missionary experiances often. They help to inspire me and keep me going.
Brittany! Oh my goodness I love you so much. You are a huge moral booster in my life. I dont know if you realize it, but you are. You also have inspired me on my mission. I love you so much and cant wait to talk on Christmass
Preston! Haha, you are one of my best friends. I love ya buddy and love to hear from you. 
Brandon Blake! You are so creative. I am grateful for the perspective you have given me. It has really taught me a lot and (kind of weird to say) made me think more about myself and (in doing so) learn about myself.
I love my family so much and am super grateful for all of them

Now before I get into the more spiritual things, some random things I want to say.
1) Kristianne - If books are what they are, what is the missionary handbook, Jesus the Christ, and the Scriptures;D
2) haha, dont put your clothes out to dry when there is a possibility there will be rain. Lets just say that it took 4 days for them to dry.
3)Lil Warner - I totally had a Jacob Warner conversation with Elder Pope (during changes this week) about judging/loving others. I was able to share some of your ideas, and brought in the Enders game quote of how if we were to truly understand someone, we wouldnt be able to not love them. Fascinating.
4)Im getting really good at making rice and elephant ears (fried dough with cinnamon sugar)
5) Jace from Physical Theropy got called to My mission!!!!!!!

Okay, now to some interesting things that happened this week
First off, we had Changes this week. This means I was with Elder Pope (as I stated above) for the day, and some really cool things happened. One of which I found fascinating. The Lord will really guide his servants to people who need their help. At one point in the day, Elder Pope and I went to talk to an investigator named Daniel. As we were heading to his house, we saw a house that we both swore was his. I dont know why, it didnt even look that much like his. Anyways, we approached it and clapped (we clap outside gates here instead of knock on doors a lot of times here). This Lady came out and bagan talking to us. She opened right up and began to talk with us. She had some problems and difficulties which we actually had answers to. It was a really cool experience. I dont know if we will be able to help and teach her in the future, but we were definitely guided to that house.
During companionship study the other day, Elder Mendenhall played the John Tanner movie/story. That man is so incredible, and is now one of my heroes. It had been a long time since I had seen that video. If any of you havent seen it. go watch it right now. Its a video created by the church about ne of the early converts. Just his ability to trust in the Lord and give God literally his all is so inspiring. It helped remind me that Im here to do the lords will. If I feel prompted to do something or talk to some one, there should be nothing holding me back.
Ok, final thing I want to say today deals with the title of my letter today. It is so true. Nothing that is worthwhile comes easily. That and when you are about to do something great and follow the lord, there will ALWAYS be opposition of some sort. For example, baptism. We have 4 investigators right now that want to be baptized, but each of them have some hindrance (working on sunday is a big one. We also have one investigator (Sharon) who is 16 and just incredible. However, her mom keeps changing her mind for seemingly no reason and saying no.). There will always be opposition, but it is through this opposition that we really come to appreciate the result. In this sense it can be seen as a blessing (haha, though it does not feel like it most of the time).
Anyways, I hope yall are having an incredible week. Write to me:) tell me how youre doing. I would love to receive a hand written letter. Those just take 3 normal stamps to come down here.
Thanks guys. Yall really are the best and I love you all,
Elder Eliason
​My comps planner. I like the scripture

Butter and rice. My old pal. You will never get old

​We painted that house:) Thats Anna (one of the big three amazing women of our ward), her husband (Riccardo),  Elder pope (lightning shirt), Elder Salano (the peruvian), and Elder Mendenhall and me in the back

​Elder Mendenhall as Derrell during practices. Haha I like the tinfoil grill

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