Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The last e-mail ever sent

Well, this is it..... Woooohoooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Thursday night I get released as a Missionary, but I arrive at 10:30, mountain standard time, Salt Lake International.

Can I say that this week was verrrrrrry long?  Good, but took forEVER....... between 2 brazilian soccer games, 1 world cup final, all of which prohibited us from leaving our house.... combined with the fact that I'm going home now, made me SUUUPPPPER TRUNKY....   Which is okay....I just sit there and read the institute manual to Doctrine and Covenants for hours on end, laying in my hammock, trying not to think about fishing, dating, dancing, surfing facebook, using the internet...... my absolute passion for Wikipedia, ....  it's going to be a fun rest of the week.  

See all y'all Thursday : )

Elder Eliason

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