Monday, July 22, 2013

another brick in the well. yes I said well. not wall. well.

we drank water from a well this week, that was the highlight. wooooot. :/ 

okay, we found Carol.  She is ELECT. that was probably the best thing that happened this week.  We were knocking doors (much to my chagrin) looking for new investigators, and as we were passing a house, my companion said Elder, We HAVE to knock here, this house is the color of key-lime-pie.  Well, we knocked, entered, began talking about prayer, and the mom started burning the catholic church about repetitious prayers (we read Mateus 6 together)  Well, after a half hour, we decided to briefly explain the restoration.  Our LZs (*zone leaders) decided to teach us a new method of teaching about the restoration using a timeline. Well, I tried doing it, but Butchered it. Anyways, after an hour and a half, we left the house dis-animated. We returned taught about the Book of Mormon two days later with a member, who decided to explain for 25 minutes why he as a home-teacher refuses to enter a house with only a woman, as a base for the principle of Elders.   Yeah, it went south from there.  The mother understood almost nothing, but the daughter told us that she wants to go to church, so we organized a car ride for her (they live on the other side of the city) Well, the member didn't píck her up on Sunday, but she rode her bike to the church, made a friendship with another one of the young women, and when she said that the other young woman said the closing prayer, she felt somebody give her a "Big warm friendly hug" but there was nobody there.  When she took the sacrament, she felt that same sensation, and as she left, she felt a peace that touched her heart.  She asked if she can be baptized next Sunday.  We almost cried when we heard this.  The mom started to protest, but we used Check-mate techniques to calm the mother.  It worked splendidly, she already signed the baptismal permission form, and we will return tonight.  I'm pumped.  :)

I love the sweater, it's my warmest sweater. Thanks :)

I made stir-fry today, thanks for the taco seasoning I use it almost daily :D The Brazilians here in the south hate spicy food, they love garlic and onions. If you want to season your beef, salt. ONLY salt. and only on the beef, nothing else.  Thats about it. 

I had a really funny experience this week....there are a couple of really funny geeky men in my ward here in Osório, and they know about combat dive school, so when they asked what I did in the Army, they were quite surprised, and they asked me if I could kill them with a toothpick.  I looked at them and said, well, depends, do you want to die by a toothpick? Probably would be very painful, and its not very missionary-like. They started bouncing off the walls with more questions. Mostly about guns that they've been using on video games.  Kind of annoying and kind of hilarious.  

We also received 2 references this week for guys who have "served time" yeah.  One of them actually has interest.  The other ended up ditching us while his snakey 15-year old sister listened intently to my blue eyes trying to explain about the great apostasy. funny stuff. 

OH MY HEAVENS how can I forget?  the Purple!

Last week we decided to pull a small prank on my companion (the district leader and I -we 4 live in the same apartment)  He likes to complain, so we decided to give him something to complain about.  Sunday night, I took a shower and afterwards, put a little bit of dry paint powder in the shower-head.  My companion normally takes the first shower in the morning. didnt take. Nobody knew why.  We all took showers like normal and nothing happened. Well.....Thursday morning, I woke up and took a shower, and in the middle of the shower, the shower-head made a funny sound, and sploosh! Purple. Everywhere, and worse of all...its more permanent than Sharpie.  Until this morning, nothing fell from the shower head that wasn't completely purple. This morning, I dismantled the shower (its an electric water heater head because we don't have hot water here in brazil) got shocked some 3 times, and spent half an hour cleaning the dumb thing. my backside and legs are COMPLETELY purple to this day. luckily, the only drop of purple paint that got on my head yesterday rubbed off after 30 min. of scrubbing.  I am now missing a small portion of hair and skin on my head, but nobody can tell because my hair is already really thin.

anyways, we are going to work double double super-duper hard this week, like normal. :D

Fique firme
Amo Vocês,
Élder Eliason  
(Elder I-lai-são)

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