Monday, July 8, 2013

esta semana I realized that once again I blew away the majority of my time writing to brittany and tanner....but hey whatever

Strange-, I am writing this email in civilian clothes-  We are going FISHING with one of the recent converts, he is taking us fishing and we will cook and eat the fish for lunch on the beach of the lake.  Im excited. 

More news- I have not been transfered. I will stay here along with my companion, Elder R. Santos, weird huh? we both will pass 1 year on the mission together, normally this never happens, anybody with more than 8 months being with another of 8 or months... only Zone Leaders... weird, but hey, look, there are benefits, we are baptizing almost EVERY weekend...

This weekend we had the magnificent baptism of 2 super-elect investigators, Luciano and his wife Sonia.  (sonia in portugese means Dream) cool huh? well, a member asked them to come to church because we need more people in the church to get property and to construct the capella.  Well, the went as a favor for him, but they loved it so much that they started coming independent of him, they didnt let us come over to their house for a good chunck of time, but when we passed one day, they were home and we entered.....invited them to read in the book of mormon and pray.  Well, Sonia prayed and recieved an answer VERY VERY VERY clearly, so...she let us back, and we taught them and Saturday, they were baptized! :)  They have a daughter that is slightly rebellious, but not really, she is doing Catecriz, I have no idea what it means in english, but its like a Catholic Barmitzva, but anybody can do it... and she's in the middle right now, so we are trying to teach her about not worshiping Idols and images etc...its complicated, but we will baptize her soon, I pray. 

cool story- He got really really sick on Saturday (the devil trying to stop baptisms right?!?!?!?)  but he mustered up the courage and strength some how to pass the interview and be baptized- but he asked that we heat the water in the font. well....we tried. 2 automatic water heaters, 3 giant 40 liter pots on the stove of boiling water in the 800 liter the elders quorum room. it was still ice-cold and he still got baptized.
Mom, you asked what I did for the green pumpkin cake...well, I made it in the blender...maybe that was the problem.  I hardly did anything to get my visa, I have no idea why its so difficult to get it in Virginia. Sorry B. The 4th of july fest sounds awesome, I wore my America! t-shirt that night for pajamas...but thats about it.

I am INCREDIBLY jealous of Ryan, flying F-15s... Its my dream to one-day fly in one of them (they have 2-man cabins right?!?!?!?!?)

Parabéns Tanner on your high SAT and AP and ACT scores!

Facebook IS worse than Cocaine....
facebook---we have a ton of investigators that we have challenged them to read and pray about the book of mormon right? well, almost all of them say when we return, bah! elderes, I didnt have time! I had to cook, and clean the house, and take care of the kids, and etc......  and then we ask the kids, or the husband, or spouse how much time they spend on facebook.  usually about 3 hours. then we look at the investigator and ask, really? they always turn red and then admit that its true...really annoying right? dont have time to read 12 verses of the book of mormon and consider what they read and pray, but they have enough time to blow 3 hours on facebook every day...etc... well, its obvious that they dont care...and so we threaten them that well never return.  this usually motivates them for about 5 minutes. But then the pleasures of the world aka facebook set in, known as "Facey-Bookie" in portugues.

Acabou tempo
Amo Vocês!
Elder Eliason

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