Monday, July 22, 2013

July 15 - Opah!

and so the saga continues....
this week, unfortuantely, was not extremely exciting. we didnt get to go fishing unfortunately, the man who was going to take us got completely sick.  we cut almost all of our investigators, and so we are almost at ground zero, nada.  Fortunately, we got permission to get the documents ready for the wedding of our member inactivo and her boyfriend, so that we can baptize him and his son.   and the famliy can be sealed.   but other than that...not much happend.  Oh, yesterday I set a new record on contacts on the road, I did 41 contacts on people passing through the Rodoviaria (uh, bus parkinglot???) it really doesnt have a good translation.  Oh, Busstation, but with lots of busses. whatever.  It was good. 
We went on splits yesterday, Elder De Oliviera and I went to Santo Antônio da Patrulha, and our companions stayed in Osorio.  It rained. A LOT.  we had a family night where we played the flour game, but in the place of a coin, we placed a hard candy in the center.  It was awesome. I placed 2nd.  I just have to say, I completely love Brazilian food, looking back, I think the only thing that I ate in the united States was sandwiches and pasta....and chicken.  Here we eat black beans and rice, but I found out that you have the sauté the onions that you put in the beans beforehand, or they put a suferic taste in the beans. strange.
Mother- I got the sweater, and the taco seasoning! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! The sweater is not the prettiest of them all, but I still wear it :)  poop-brown with gray pin-striped slacks-looks kinda funny, but hey, the brazilians think its the best thing ever, so whatever.  wear it with a green tie, and we're in business. 
WE ate carne de Javali.... from what they described it as, its Wild Boar.  It was super delicious. placed on a spit over an open fire, it was incredible.  lots of salt on the exterior brings out so much flavor............ hmmm...... okay my mouth is watering now.
  We had a Branch council meeting at 630 sunday morning.. in the end, the Relief society president and the Elders Quorem president were arguing and yelling for the larger part of the time, we are still working on the whole "the spirit of contention is of the devil" thing.  Its kind of funny, because they obey with exactness the branch president, who is a quiet humble japonese man, who has some 4 years as a member of the church. anyways, we are still building the kingdom of God.  It's good. Did I tell you that we found a dead penguin last week with a ton of sand-dollars on the beach of Capão da Canoa, at Zone conference?

Ter um Ultimo dia :)

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