Monday, January 13, 2014

so....I'm beat.

Nosso Batizmo- Francisco! he is 69 years old, and is SUPER happy to be part of the church. 

O batizmo das Sisteres- Larissa, she is 13 years old, and is very happy in the young womans program.

First things first!!!!! Mom- I GOT MY CHRISTMAS PACKAGE!!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!!!!

Preston and Brandon, I thouroughly enjoyed the candy :_) thank you!  I ate all of the boogers.

This week was CRAZY.  We had the Leadership conference in POA on Wednesday, but because we are in the longest zone from the mission HQ, we had to go on Tuesday. So: we had 1, p-day until 9oclock Monday, Tuesday we took a 7 hour bus ride to POA (normally its 4 hours, but because of an accident and some other took a lot longer). Wednesday we had the conference, and then imediately afterwards, we grabbed a taxi which took us to the inter-county bus-station (rodoviaria)  where we took 5 hours to get back home.  we arrived Wednesday night at 9, where we learned that one of our sisters was in the hospital....if she doesn't get better in 12 days, she'll have to go in for surgery.  Combine that with the fact that they cut the water in the sister's appartment, so we have to deal with all of their nonsense.....we got to work the last 4 days of the week.   We arrived at the house of our investigator Francisco, and he declared as we appeared, "Vivi (name of his daughter) the angels are back!!!!" When we entered and started talking to him, he told us about how incredible church was and how he knows that it's true.  He also told us that he made a goal of to never miss 1 sacrament meeting for the rest of his life.  We invited him to be baptized Sunday, but he said that he doesn't know if he's ready or not.  DUH. Every investigator in the whole world says that.  Easy fix, talk about the baptismal interview.  If he passes, he's ready, if not, then he's not.  Check-Mate.  done. He was baptized Sunday.  

That wasn't the only miracle.  As the second hour was ending, one of the recently-returned missionaries appeared in the Gosple Principles class and grabbed me and asked quite abruptly, "Elder, do you believe in miracles?" I responded that I do, and he said good, and led me to the front of the chapel where a man in a pink polo was standing.  He introduced himself as Flavio.  He already went to church many times when he was visiting his friends in Curitiba. He appeard in church and asked us when could he be baptized.
I thought that I had already found the 2 most Elect people in the world:

Flavia- who asked us when she could be baptized when we were teaching her nefew. (she is now the 1st councilor in the relief-society of Bento Gonçalves and is preparing to be sealed to her husband) 
Anderson- we walked in front of his house and he called us out and told us that he needed to be baptized. 

But.... this was the first time that anybody has sought out the church and everything beforehand and then approached us and declared that he thinks he's ready....

Now we have Flavio.   He's going to be baptized Saturday.  
I'm super super super excited.  

anyways, thanks for the love, I also got the christmas card from our new bishop.  Thanks for thinking about me :)

amo vocês,
Elder Eliason

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