Tuesday, January 21, 2014

This week, on the Price is Wright.......

heheh- Wright- the name of our Mission Presidente, Presidente Wright....
okay, enough with the games, this week was ROUGH.
Spiritually, it was fine,
but fisically, for the most part - intestinally......
Part 1- Let me start off by saying, as of tonight, over the course of the last transfer (the last 5 weeks) since I have gotten here with Elder Spadari, we have eaten 35 xis burgers. Yes, 35.  That's what happens when you discover that Xis-do-Scooby-Doo has a missionary promotion of 6 xis-burgers and 3 liters of soda for R$27 (aka ~12 USD) and delivery is free.
------ Exemplo of when we would eat xis: Xis batismais (every time we baptize) Xis farewell- We found out that one of our sisters had to go home because of health issues, so the night before she left, we threw a "party" which means 5 minutes of Orange soda and xis in front of our apartments.  We got a new Sister, Sister King- from Squim, Washington. (She's best friends with sister Schumacher, just FYI Sister Eliason)   .... etc, I love xis.
Part 2 of my problem. Lunch, Wednesday.  The brother served Cartilage and Nerves.  With chick-peas.  He had gone to the butchers, picked up a cow spine, pulled out the cartilage and nerves, and bought them.  He then continued to throw them in a Cast iron pot on a wood stove, then with olive oil and a bit of salt, melt them together. Boiled chick-peas to mix with and then serve over white rice. I can not say that it was the most, ahem, succulant nor tender thing that I have ever eaten, but ...... we ate it.  A LOT of it.   The brother made sure that each one of us had a very LARGE plate full of it.
Part 3 - 3 other days during the week, lunch was chicken pieces covered in soy-bean oil and then thrown in the oven to cook.  "Lubricated chicken" we call it (between my companion and I).  Usually it is served with Tang and White rice. mmmmmmmm...... XP
Part 4- I have recently gotten in the habit of making fresh fruit julius's. like Mango Julius, Plumb, etc............. way more fresh fruit than normal...... with sugar and milk.  mmmm..... XD
well, after that nonsense.....
We had 1 baptism this week, Flavio.  He's awesome. He's taking us out tonight to eat Xis and drink Terere.   He says that he knows the best Xisaria (xis-shop) in the city.  I'm excited.  XD
He knew some Young women when he was a Young man that were members....he got in contact with some of them and in the end he will marry one of them here in a couple of weeks, and he wanted to know what she believed (religiously) well, they started talking about it and he said that it was to good to be true, but he began to go to church, and yup, 5 weeks later, he appeared for us and said, Elderes, I need to be baptized.   WOOOOOHOOOOO!!!!!!!!   Many will say he got baptized because of the wife, others will say that he was one of the Elects of God.  What do I say?  D&C 20:37
amo vocês,
Elder Eliason
Flavio foi batizado :D

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