Monday, February 17, 2014

esta semana no preço está certo.....

This week was really really rushed.  We went bowling with the rest of the city's missionaries  (Planaltinha B, Passo Fundo A, and Passo Fundo B) for Sister Passini's birthday (P-day) (We are Planaltinha A).  Tuesday we took a bus to Porto Alegre for the leadership conference.  Wednesday we took the bus back, but the ever-so-brilliant secretary bought the indirect passes for us, so we sat on the bus for 7 1/2 hours visiting every bus station between porto alegre and Passo Fundo (~25 other bus stations)  which normally is a 4 hour ride.  yeah, that killed wednesday.  we worked the rest of the week, and baptized Alison Saturday.  It was awesome, up until the fact that we filled the baptismal font so many times (bummer :D :D :D) that the pipe exploded somewhere under the our chapel is without water. (how to baptize without water-impossible) so....we went to the neighboring chapel, in Boqueirão.  Us 5. My companion and I, Alison, Artur (melhor amigo dele) and the president of the quorum.  It was good, simple and spiritual. 

New challenges this week: 
-how to convince a 15 year old girl that has no problems that she is not bipolar.  
-the "Mamão" effect stops having its effects......
-my companion reveals that I have been speaking Portuguese incorrect for the last year and a half.  
-I run out of Tek-Bond, my best friend with which I fix everything.  Its like gorilla glue strong, but dries instantly, like super glue.  AWESOME.

anyways, that's what has happened this week, I'm sorry that it's not more.  

I'll send some photos.

Stay strong
Elder Eliason
Bowling on Sister Pasini's birthday.  (she's the one with the black shirt)

Elder DeYoung decides that he doesn't want me to cut his he does it alone in the mirror XD

the baptism of Alison (he's on the right) (artur on the left)

We made a "cake" for Sister Pasini's birthday with what we had in our apartment....IE ramen, mayo,  margarine, pene noodles, bulion cubes in powder, and a leaf that we found.  I almost vomited as we made it. But it got lots of laughs as we gave it to her.

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