Monday, February 3, 2014

esta semana

So..... this week was NUTS!!!!!!!

1-  We have been working overload to help people realise that this is the truth, and that they need to own up, and become part of it.  Well, We baptized again this week, his name is Gabriel.  He is 10, he is the little brother of Criz, that was baptised last week, he too is the Great-grandson of Euphrodinha.  She, actually, XD, decided to count a story to us yesterday about the first time that she saw snow, she was a new mother and lived on the farm with her husband and her parents-in-law. She was laughing her head off telling us about how her husband was running around outside in his knickers trying to stop the cows from eating the snow.  Year: 1958 

2- We found out last Tuesday that a woman in our area is going to try to sue us.  Yeah.  That rocks our world a little bit- here's the sitch:  We baptized her grandson, but turns out that he's 17, therefore of a minor age, so he has to have the permission of his parents (according to the church), but he lives with his grandma, but granny is SUPER CRAZY from the Assembly of God. (A very anti-mormon church here in Passo Fundo) So she wouldn't give permission, so we gave him the form to get signed by his dad who lives on the other side of the city.  So....he got it signed, we baptized him.  whoopty doo.... but the problem is that we learned afterwards, that "Dad" doesnt know how to read or, the signature was forged...appears, which puts us in a pickle.... So, we asked our elders quorum presidente (who is a lawyer) if really she could sue us.  He took the situation, and laughed.  Turns out that the parental signature is actually a formality here in Brazil, the kids have the right to choose their own religion....weird.  He said that the only person that could try to sue us would have to have a VERY corrupt lawyer, and that even if the lawyer is super corrupt, the judge will look at the case, and congratulate the kid on being baptized and leave.  Bahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!! So, after being super stressed about this all week (I think I lost about a half head of hair) I am feeling a great lightenment off my shoulders.

We have received the transfer-email, I will stay, but...... my companion will be transferred, so, I will stay here in PassoFundo :) yay. I love Passo Fundo, the culture is really strange but great here. We are going to have p-day the entire day today :D  (we made our goal of 18 confirmations last month) how do we celebrate? Family home evening!!!!!!!!! wooohooo!!!!!!! with brazilian hotdogs :) yum.   :D

anyways, the book is blue, the church is true.
take chances, make mistakes, and get messy!!!

Elder Eliason

p.s.(name that t.v. show) ????
pps. go seahawks
ppps.  Brittany, Ainda eu tenho minha rede, mas não tenho furadeira pra que eu posso botar os parafuzos dentro dos guinchos na parede. Porem, vivo com as baratas......... :_)
[translation: Brittany, I still have my network (hammock), but I have no drill so I can put the parafuzos within the winches on the wall. However, living with cockroaches ............ : _)]

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