Thursday, February 27, 2014

Week of rain, rainbows, and miracles.

So.  This week was a toughie, but ended excelently.  Let me explain:

It rained.  It rained. It poured. Cats and Dogs. 
Did I say that it rained?

Well....because of the fact that we are not allowed to watch the weather forcast, we have no idea what the weather will be.  There is a little blurb of a forecast on the missionary home-website, but it said that the entire week would be sunny and hot.  -.-  *deceived*

Every day started bright and sunny with little puffy clouds in the distance.  By the time that lunch ended, the clouds started rolling in.  By 4 o'clock every day, the rain started.  

We were without that rain.  My boots have holes in the soles (where the sole has disappeared, dissolved, or melted from so much walking), so any moisture instantly is absorbed into my boot. yay.  Thursday, we were hiding from the rain under a slight outcropping in front of an apartment complex, when  the brown river (aka the road in front of us) got REALLY SWOLLEN.   As my companion and I were watching the water levels rise, (over the course of 2 or 3 minutes)  a very large car passed by.  They view us, and swerved at do what?  to create a GIANT WAVE that just drenched us head to toe.  To be completely honest, it didn't make a difference because we were already drenched, but it's the principle.... XP

Our baptism for this week fell through, Sunday morning, he woke up throwing we were slightly disanimated, we were greeting people in front of the church, a grandma and 2 grandsons came up to us, I only recognized one of them, I had seen him once before in the other ward....He introduced himself a Anderson.  Well...he returned from the Brazilian army 1 month ago, and his family had fallen inactive....His brother is 9 years old, and needed to be baptized.  *.* :D :D :D :D :D  He had gone to church since his birth, but because the family was inactive, he hadn't been baptized.  We talked to him for a bit, made sure that he was all squared away, he passed the interview, and yesterday, his older brother baptized him.  It was awesome :D  *Miracles*  The kid's name is Artur.

We'll hopefully have a couple more baptisms this week. We found a family where the mom is inactive and she has two kids that are youth-aged.  They liked the church, so we marked their baptismal date for Sunday.  I'm excited.

Anyways, I love you all, Mom, enjoy the Oregon weather.  I'm highly jealous.

amo vocês,
Elder Eliason
Batismo do Artur e Samuel (batismo das Sisteres---he chose me to baptize him) 

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