Monday, July 7, 2014

This week, in the waters of baptism....

Well, finally we had a little bit more success than that which we have been having over the course of the last month.  We had 2 baptisms yesterday.  We have been working with some less-active members and one of them had a set of twins that were never baptized, so after quite a bit of work with the mom and the kids, we were able to baptize them.  Lucas and Ana Laura.  This week now will be quite difficult to work, today is P-day.  Tomorrow is the Brazilian match against Germany.  If they win, they will play Sunday for the championship, if they loose they will play Saturday for the 3rd place; meaning that we will not work these days.  Combine that with the fact that the members are inviting us over to their houses to eat food every hour of every day (because I'm leaving) means.... It'll be a slow week.  Everybody is laughing their heads off here because I LOVE chemarrão right? But.....I don't know if they sell the erva in the United States, so......  I think 10 people told me that they're going to buy me a kilo of erva to put in my bags to take home....we'll see who actually brings it, or if I'll get through security with it...I don't know.

Funny things about this week---

1- I saw the sun again, for 2 days, it was sunny. Count your many blessings.....

2- A less active recent-convert got up and bore her testimony yesterday about Stevie Wonder, comparing one of his songs to the concept of the Celestial kingdom.

3- One of the other roommates has been singing non-stop that "can't get you out of my head, oh your love is all I think about, (X2) na na na, na na nana na, na na na, nana na na na"  I literally can't get it out my head. 

4- Everybody is teasing me for being trunky.  I'm not trunky, but I'm excited to go home and see my family again. :)

5- Mom--- The sweater that I'm using still smells like tacos. 

thanks y'all for everything.

Elder Eliason

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