Monday, November 18, 2013

Hey now.....


Zona Gravataí!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We have in total... 10 elders and 8 sisters!  Woooohoooo!!!!!!!!!
I am now serving in : Ala do Vale  (trad: Ward of the valley)  
My new companion is: Elder LIMA, e is from João Pessoa, Paraiba, Brazil!!! He's AWESOME, about 5'1'' very very brown, and has a personality very similar to mine.....we're going to get along just swell.  Our zone had 6 baptism this last week!!!! I'm so sure that we'll hit our goal of 12 baptisms this month!  

The ward is so sweet!   They give us pizza, cookies, bread, eggs, hamburgers, etc.......  a huge box of food EVERY week!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also we have lunch every day, and sometimes on P-day even! How awesome is that!  The lady who keeps track of who is going to give lunch to the elders has the calendar prepared until December of 2014!  she's incredible.  She's also heading up a fundraiser to buy us presents for christmas. It's AWESOME here!!!!!!!   

 For the last 10 years, there have only been LZs here, and normally they like to show off and baptize a ton so...there are over 600 members in our ward... our ward consists of 4 neighborhoods (almost like utah...hehehehe)  but almost all of them are inactive, we have about 150 active, so ward frequency is normally about 100.  The bishop has asked us to go out and reactivate and visit ALL of the members, and see if the ward list is still acurate by way of their adresses.  We have started, but I am realizing that the greater part of the members have moved.... so yeah.  Yesterday was pretty cool, Elder Lima decided to clap a house close to the church, and who attended just said "hey, the Elders, come on in, its been about 15 years since Ive been to church, but very rarely do the elders pass here" she's got a son who is 17 now and didn't even know that his mom was baptized.  We're going to reactivate her and baptize her son.  It'll be pretty awesome.  

Brittany-Your companion is going to POA Norte?!?!?!?!?!? woohoooo!!!!!! best mission in the WORLD! ahem. disculpe. :)

Really cool story- 2 weeks ago we had recieved some DVD's to deliver, that people had asked for from the internet or called.... Well.... We delivered one of them and as soon as we apresented the DVD, the woman's eyes got HUGE and started BAWLING!!!!!!  We entered and talked to her and her family.  She reached out to her purse and pulled out from inside of her wallet inside the purse a card.  A Passalong card with a photo of a VERY OLD VHS tape.  It was the same film that we had delivered. She had been given that card some 13 years ago and she loved the photo so much (Jesus coming out of the tomb) that she had Laminated it and kept it with her so that one day she will be able to show it to "Jesus" when he knocks at her door.  Well....we showed up and told her that we are representatives of Jesus (without her saying anything) and that we had something to give her.  Yeah, blew her mind. The only thing- she can't read, she did not call the number on the back of the card.  The number is VERY old and no longer works.... how the DVD  and address got to us? NO IDEA!  Turns out that the entire family is Umbandista. A common religion/practice, it involves demon worship and heavenly worship, They've even got the little red sacrifice houses out in front, so....yeah it's going to be a really big fight, but we'll win.  I'm excited.  anyways, 

Eu amo vocês, 
se você está lendo esta carta, você é o cara.
Elder Eliason

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