Monday, November 11, 2013

Hey you, I just met you, and this is crazy, here's the water, be baptized maybe?

Monday morning and it's cold, dreary,and raining. Again.  The man dressed in black looks at his counterpart, also dressed in black.  A raincoat over an auto-startched white oxford shirt.  Blue tie to match the mood.  Monotonously tapping away at the old broken keyboard.  clack clack tap. clack clack tap. Six months on the same mission.  Same city.  He knows everybody.  He's talked to everybody.  It's always the same, reluctant forced pleasantries.  'No, thank you, your time is not valued to me.'    'Where are you from?'  'How are you?'  Various times a day. over and over.  The cellphone rings.  Generic ring, it's not permited to have a special tone in this town. Riing riing riing... 

"Alo Presidente"
"Tudo bem Elder?"
"Tudo excelente presidente"
"Muito bem Elder. To ligando ao te-dizer que você vai tornar Líder da Zona numa otra area com otro companheiro. Confio em você."
"Nossa! Muito obrigado Presidente."
"De nada Elder, ter um ótimo p-day."
"Obrigado Presidente. Tião."

The Quero-queros start chirping. Still no sun, but the rain makes the plants greener.  The damp pants don't seem nearly as damp, the cuts on the hands (from the stupid cat yesterday) stop stinging.  An idea passes through his mind-- The idea of buying a cheeseburger to celebrate for lunch sounds like a fantastic idea.  Maybe a cup of sugar-cane juice too, if it were the purple cane of course, the green is not nearly as sweet. There is a lighter atmosphere  - the counterpartner is joking that the new Líder will be sent to the zone with 14 sisters and 6 elders.  Absolute chaos trying to make sure that everybody is safe and healthy as they embark on their newest adventures in the smog filled city of "Forno Alegre" as the locals call it. "Forno" having meant "oven."  It's getting hotter and hotter every day here in the incredible country of Brazil, getting closer and closer to Christmas as the days pass. Rumors of fresh watermellon, panatones, and peaches fill the air.  Today will be a good day, one of packing bags and a tear-filled family-home-evening with hotdogs.  It will be a fantastic day.  


wow...its been a while since I've had to write a 3 years.  That first paragraph was really dark... This week wasn't that dark, but I liked the descriptive nature of the words.  We taught a deaf dumb kid.  I signed (thank you to 3rd grade sign language, I still am very fluent in the alphabet, and several months ago, a deaf woman was selling cards that had the portuguese alphabet in signals, so I had been practicing that ever was cool.  He wants to be baptized.  The only problem is that I have been transfered, and tomorrow, I will leave Osorio and Santo Antônio da Patrulha.  

We also were trying to find a contact that Elder Souza did last week on Thursday, and I noted that a woman was following us, so we doubled in some alleys and she still followed us. Finally in the center of the major highway, I did a 180º turn and asked her how can I help her. She was panting from trying to keep up with us.  Turns out that her husband had sent her to follow us so that when we have the opportunity, we can pass in their house and teach them.  Her husband is a member baptized some 14 years before, but moved to Santo Antônio and lost contact with the church. He saw us walking and got super excited and sent his wife to get us.  They walked to church yesterday.  His daughter will be baptized next week and the wife here in less than 1 month.  I'm super pumped for them.  I thank the Lord every day for these little miracles that happen.  

Mom- you became friends with Jully? hehehehe, give her a facebook hug, she gave me a box of chocolates and an "Inter" key-chain thingy as good-bye presents.  mmmm....Biss......

anyways, thank you for everything everybody

Squeetzers- te amo, A Igreja é verdadeira. Focus on the grammer, not the vocabulary nor the fluency.  Memorize and practice all day every day the rules.

amo vocês
Elder Eliason

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