Monday, December 30, 2013

because I want to

I don't feel like writing a whole ton today, so i think I'll send some photos with some captions..... We had a miracle happen yesterday, 3 baptisms....., actually, 3 baptismal meetings, 6 baptisms, but 3 were of the sisters in the ward....but still, it was a VERY VERY white christmas :D

Christmas here they celebrate with large portions of meat, fireworks, and lots of beer.  being the fact that we are LDS missionaries, we have to make use of the 1 thing that we can do during those hours, the we got together with some members and had a churrasco :) it was excelent.  Yes, sister costa and Sister Röpke were together with us....they're a lot of fun.

Baptism of Leonardo (18 anos, former Jehova's Wittness)
Baptisms of the 2 young women- 
 ------ Rubianie (17 years old, former evangelical)
------Vaneusa (15, irmã de rubianie, former non-denominational)
Baptisms of the sisters---the 3 kids.

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