Monday, December 9, 2013

so FYI, I lost all of my photos....

Really, my flash drive is clean, it got a virus and boom, couldn't open any photo.........or so I thought, I put it in the computer, and only showed some scans that I took before the mission of my Dive Course certificate that I had to scan and send to the Army Office out in Provo..... I took a look at the properties and everything, but there was something wrong, 3 gb used and only 56 mb shown in all of the files?  the photos were still there, but the computer wouldnt read them.  Change computer. still no.  Change computer again. again no.  Problem in the chip.  hook the camera up with the memory card in it and pass all of the photos to a DVD, and then reformat the memory card.  So I lost the videos that I took on that card. But......I still have all the photos on a DVD.  Same deal with my other memory card, so- to this point, my 4 gb of photos are safe on my DVD.  

SAFE.  yes mom, you can breath now.....hehehe.

Anyways,  First of all.  Mother. Breathe.  That last email sounded VERY agitated.  Between the terse sentance structure and diction choice I would say that you need a good walk in the park and a dinner at CafĂ© Rio (there's one in Provo).  I'm glad that everybody's healthy and happy.   I got the package (THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!  Everybody, my mom sent me socks from the other side of the world :)    also twizzlers, which don't exist here ;) so good :D:D:D:D  I also got the 4 packages of letters from my cousins.  

concerning the cousins----  Parker, your training out in West Virginia will be destroyed when you arrive in Rio.  The difference in the teaching is incredible.  You will go from teaching 2 or 3 lessons a day of high quality, worrying about everything and preparing everything, to 8-12 lessons a day and doing everything on the fly.  Relying LOTS on the spirit, because you have NO idea what is lying await for you in each appointment.

Sarah--- A sister in my zone wants to know which mission you are in, norte ou sul?  she's from Guyaquil sul.  Sister Martinez.  there's got to be a billion of the from there, but just a heads up.  

Elder Bennett----- You guys are going DOOWWWWNNNNNN in the World Cup.  yeah, that's all I have to say about Argentina.

Bennett Elder---- The difference between our missions is incredible. 


 ( count your many blessings, name them one by one...........)

Anyways, ahem, I love you all.  
Carla was not baptized, Turns out that she is legally married.  Like we asked.  But that's not the problem.  We weren't specific enough.  She is legally married to another man, who is not her husband.......  yeah, problems.  Her baptism will be delayed probably for anther 2 months unfortunately.  

Mom, you asked about conferences as ZLs.... we hav 1 conference every month at the Mission office.  It lasts 6 hours, and includes (as of recently ahem....) calling Elder Eliason at the last second with 2 minutes beforehand to play hymns on the violin.  * I just want to clarify that it's been about 3 years since I stopped playing the violin. It was rough, but I helped a friend in a tight crunch, so whatever.  Thanks Elder Nelson and Anastacio............ :P

Its getting hot in here.... wait a minute, it really is getting hot in here.  But I bought a fan, so It doesn't matter, I can finally sleep now :)

I'm out of time, love you all, have the most fantastic exelent week ever.

Elder Eliason

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