Monday, December 2, 2013

Weekly miracles.

Well, This week was hot, sweaty, and very very good. 

1- Tuesday, we decided to fast because Marcos was being influenced by the "other side" to try and not let his daughter, Victoria be baptized with his wife, Anna, on the 21st of December, as planned.  The argument: She's only 8 years old and doesn't know what she is doing.  He has yet to gain a testimony that the modern day prophets recieve revelation, as such the age for baptism is included.  We fasted and prayed for a miracle.  Well, that night, Marcos had a dream.  He drempt that he strangled his daughter, Victoria, to death, and then afterwards heard the voice of the Lord saying "Stop killing your daughter Spiritually."  Well, he woke up and couldn't go back to sleep.  The next night, he went to sleep and had the same dream.  The next morning, he had Anna call us and tell us that Victoria has to be baptized this Sunday.  So, yesterday, we baptized Victoria.  She's one of the sweetest dearest little children that I have ever met. Elder Lima baptized her.

2- Carla, who had been carrying the pass-along-card for 10 years and cried when we knocked at her door because "Jesus finally came" Went to Stake Conference with us Sunday.  yeah.  Her family are all Satanists.  Devil worshipers.  The type that call upon evil spirits and invite them to dwell within them for a spiritual experience....  Well, the family was doing their rituals and crazy things all night saturday until Sunday morning, but Carla hid in the kitchen, and when they tried to get her, she told them that they are wrong, and that she has a date with Jesus the next day.  She is legally married and when we knocked at her door, her husband tried to prohibit her from leaving, she pushed him out of the way, and told him that Christ is more powerfull than any devil he could bring.  She came to church, cried the entire time and told us (not asking, but telling us) that she will be baptized next Sunday.  I'm so proud of her :)

---End of miracles---

This week we did 2 divisions, 1 with the Elders from Neópolis and the other with the Elders from Parque dos Anjos.  I stayed with Elder Gonçalves (Parque dos anjos) here in Ala do Vale Wednesday, and we taught some awesome lessons, he is REALLY funny, but he knows how to teach and bring the spirit.  Really awesome- we were teaching a young man about Joseph Smith, and Elder Gonçalves pulled the Restoration flashdrive out of his pocket and asked if we could watch it with the investigator, who loved the idea (he's a 24 year old college student)  As soon as Joseph began to describe the first vision, (I saw a pillar of light, directly above my head, more brilliant.....)  the DVD player exploded internally, causing a large BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Elder Gonçalves looked at me and then muttered, "the enemy doesn't want him to hear the first vision" so we counted everything to the investigator by ourselves, withought the use of technology.  It was really good, we marked a baptismal date with him (first visit!) for the 22 de december.  I'm excited.

Our Nigerian friend (Francisco) Is progressing a LOT- he is preparing to be baptized on december 15th, but still has to stop smoking.  He has diminished to 3 or 4 cigarettes per day, but has fear of a relapse, and has yet to cut the last couple of cigarettes.  We will work hard with him this week.

I'm excited for almost everything.... we had a change of our Elders Quorum presidency last week, the new Quorum president has been a member for 1 year and 3 months.  He recieved his endowment last weekend.  The young womans president has been a member for 5 years and now is 21.  The young men's president has been a member for 2 years.  Fun stuff.  We have work to do.  

oh, during the Stake conference, we had the stake Relief Society president as the first speaker.  She burnt the living tar out of everybody.  Abinidai style.  She said that she had failed in her calling, as everybody else had during the year as Visiting Teachers.  The entire leadership sitting on the stand was alert with eyes the size of saucers.  Pretty awesome. Complimeted everybody, lulled them into a dull comfortable pleasing discourse, and then picked up the branding iron to say, and beat the living poo out of everybody listening. 

anyways, Love you all- I tried a new food this week.  Greek Yogurt with chunks of Coconut meat.  SO GOOD.  Also we ate supper at Churrascaria Pizza restaurant.  Where like Tucanos, the servers walk around serving you, but instead of meat, it was pizza.  I ate 24 slices and 2 plates full of french fries.  It was rough, but was worth it.  The best that made me laugh was the Butter and Garlic pizza (which by the way was DELICIOUS)  and the Jeremy Pizza (yes, that was the real name of it, the waitress told me).  it was about 4 inches thick of toppings.  I would call it "leftoverwhateverisinthekitchenattheendofthenight pizza"

amo vocês,

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