Monday, December 16, 2013

fun stuff.

So, Ive been transferred, yeah. 

This week we had two baptisms, Julia e Francisco.

Julia is the sister of a less active member, William.  He is 20, was using all sorts of heavy chemical substances, decided to return to the church, he will serve a mon here in a little bit, but told us that before he serves a mission, he wants to see his whole family baptized.  well, we have the start... :)

Francisco was a contact that the (incredible) Sister (Erin) Young did in her area.  She contacted him on the road, and then the next day, he was talking with his cousin (who lives down the street from us and him) and turns out that she is a recent convert.  Sparked interest, he just got out of a messy divorce, and is looking to change his life around (aka, heavy smoking, drinking, and drug usage).  Well, after 4 weeks of working with him, he was baptized yesterday.

I've been transferred, Sister Eliason will arrive in Brazil tonight.  I'm so excited.

I love everybody, 

thank you so much.

please, avoid Babylon.

Elder eliason
p.s.  I played the piano yesterday for sacrament meeting.....yeah.  I know that God helps us in times of lots of prayer and need.....



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