Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Semana de alegria e tristezas...

to my friends, family, and kinsfolk,

So..... this week was awesome.  We had 7 people who were excited to be baptized with dates marked for this weekend, everybody was happy, yeah!!!! wooohooooo!!!!!! 7.  We are marrying some of our inactives so the husband can be baptized, we are working with their cousins who want to be baptized, etc... We were smoking it.   Then came Saturday. ****BUM BUM BUM**** Friday actually, Friday night.  What happend Friday?   CARNIVAL began.   Welcome to "inferno" for missionary work.  Everybody takes off work, everybody takes off clothes, everybody takes off responsability.....etc.  It's awful.  Even though we were working so hard, all of the baptisms fell through, we ended the week teaching 3 lessons on the weekend (in comparison to the 16 last weekend...)  we were very dishevelled. 

In order to recover our animation with the rest of the zone (this happened to the greater majority of them too) we played soccer this morning with the young men from our ward and the other 3 wards here in the city, out in our stake-center.  Of course, all of the Elders were invited too.  After 3 hours of "make fun of the Americans by dribbling the ball through their legs and making rainbows over their heads"  we split a Coke and are now here in the lan house writing emails.  

I finally bought new boots this week. Yay. My feet have about 1/2 in. of calus on every part, but those last boots almost took all of it off (I was walking partly barefoot on the ball of both feet).

It cooled off this afternoon, it's raining again ;)  yay for p-day.

anyways, I hope you all have an awesome week, I'm kind of tired, I think I'll take a nap or something....  I think that the sisters wanted to make tacos, but it's kind of late for that.... maybe nextweek.  

anyways, PARABÉNS TANNER ELIASON FOR GETTING INTO BYU!!!!!!!! Isso aí cara!!!!!!!! (portuguese for: way to go dude!)
you're the man!
I'm soaked and in need of a hot chimarrão, so I'll send this off now.
amo todos vocês! 

Elder Tyler Eliason

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