Monday, March 17, 2014

Semana 12 in Passo fundo

Well...this week was nuts.  on MANY LEVELS

1- We had 2 baptisms this week, 2 investigators that we have been working with over the last 6 months..... actually, the other elders before us cut them, and we found them in the Area Book...  They are the kids of an inactive Return-missionary-sister.  Well, with love and patience, we have reactivated the family, and the 2 kids were baptized yesterday.  Amanda and Guilherme.  Amanda is 13, and Guilherme is 10.  They were going to be baptized 2 weeks ago, last week, and like, every week beforehand, but "Something" ALWAYS happened.....until we discovered that they don't make friendships very easily, and they feel uncomfortable at church.... so what did we do? I made a phone-call. EVERYTHING can be resolved with a phone-call.  Who did I call???  The craziest, loudest, most doida beehive in the ward.  What did we do? We met at the entrance of the investigators house with another beehive, and we played Uno for 3 hours.  (yes, this may appear fubeccagen ...aka being a slacker....but I don't care).  it was AWESOME and PERFECT.  They became fast friends, and now they hang out every day, go to seminary together, our investigator got the nutty beehive, Carol, into dance-class with here at the local university....etc. It's awesome. :D #gointegration

2- We had the Leadership conference in Porto Alegre, so again, we took the 4 1/2 bus ride to Porto Alegre. Stayed there the night, and then returned Wednesday, so we lost 2 days of proscelyting time.  

3- *PLEASE CENSOR FOR UN-LEARNED EARS*  Prostitution has become a legalized tax-paying profession here in Brazil this week, so this week we have been harassed several times by "less-than-beachwear-clad women/men/she-man-he-women."  It's becoming obnoxious.

4- Preston and Brandon jr. ----in memory of you guys and your famous pi-day, I bought a pack of key lime pie cookies on 3/14

5- Fall registration for Sophomores at BYU begins this week, so I got permission from President to register.

6- I went on splits with the Elderes from Carazinho Friday.  That was cool.

7- I've been transferred. I find out tomorrow morning where I'll be going.

that's all.
love you all
Elder Eliason

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