Monday, March 10, 2014

Well, this week was nuts

Woohooo!!!!!! Well, as the title of the e-mail stated, this week was nuts.  We taught LOTS of people, tons of new investigators, tons of new people to work with.  

1- We are coordinating a wedding of a less-active and her husband (yeah, we're doing it tonight XD )  His cousin actually was an investigator that Elder DeYoung found on a division, so  SWEET we're going to baptize his cousin  next weekend XD and here in a month when the wedding papers actually go throuh, we'll baptize him.  

2- Supprise Sleep-over of the Assistents....oh, the joys of being a LZ.... We get a call at 8:45 one night, from them (not abnormal) asking what was the number of our appartment (abnormal question). They were in front. 30 minutes later when we arrived, they were waiting 13 blocks away. (fun stuff....) Well..... suprise Zone conference the next day.  yay.  President  Wright arrived and brought the AP's (Elder Anastácio e Elder Nelson) (the two are from my group in the MTC) crazy nah?!?  Well, our cubicle of an apartament was packed with 4 Elderes...Elder Anastácio had to sleep in the kitchen, which is about the size of our computer desk at home....XD Oh well, all's well there.

3- We had a baptism of Rainesca (pronounced hi-neh-skah).  Awesome- she was a reference of a member recently baptized.... we were walking down the street and the member called to us, and said, hey! this is my friend! She's not baptized, can you teach her?  hahahahahahahaha sometimes it feels too easy! We work and fight and bite and claw to work with people all day, and at the end of the day, nothing goes right, but then the next day, the blessing comes and it falls in you lap.  WOOOHOOO so, after 2 weeks of teaching, our new Cearense friend was baptized yesterday.  Seriously, the best integrated and most functional baptisms are friends of members who are "afastado da verdade porque não sabem onde encontrar-la"  I really don't know the translation, away from the truth because they don't know where to find it?  Go D&C.

Anyways, For the first time in this transfer, I feel organized, and prepared, we have 4 solid baptisms planned for the next 4 weeks, *(1-per week, so we can meet all requirements for the baptisms...., funny how it worked out like that, but I'm feeling very prepared)  I'm excited.

We are really blessed here and to be working in this time....When I arrived, an Elder that was leaving told us that this is the South, where it is really hard to work, and If we were lucky, we would baptise 24 people (1 per month).  Bahahahahahahahahaha.  Well, we just work. Work work and work. Slackers baptize 24 people nowdays.  The challenge is different here than in the other places.  We baptize.  Baptize is easy, you just have to be a good salesman, use all the techniques in Preach My Gospel, and help the investigator feel the Spirit.  The hard part is the integration, making friends, and adapting to the LDS culture whiech is very different than typical Brazilian... it involves commitments XD but it's true (our ward has over 1,000 members) but a frequency of 175 last Sunday (which is actually better than most wards here...most wards have frequencies of more or less 100 people) I am excited and I love working here in Passo Fundo (translation?:  Back Step, or Deep Step) When I arrived, everybody was sluggish and vey unmotivated...but as of lately, the ward is starting to work and we are seeing LOTS of results.  I really hope that I am not transfered next week....XD oh well. I love Brazil.

amo vocês,
Elder Eliason

P.S. Quote of the Stake conference w/ Elder Grande (70)
"The difference between the Terestrial Kindom and Celestial, is not that of obedience. Those who obeyed and did everything that was asked will go to the Terestrial kingdom.  The difference is that those who obeyed and did everything that was asked of them, and became that thing, will go to the Celestial Kingdom.  We must BECOME and LOVE what has been asked of us. That is the difference."


Baptism of Rainesca

we bought pastels the size of a large plate....full of white chocolate and strawberries----SO GOOD!!!!! (about 1 kg the weight)

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