Wednesday, March 26, 2014

well...! Guess who's Back!!! I'm back!, I'll give a hint, my name is not Slim Shady....

I'm back in Porto Alegre!!!!!!!
I've been transfered to Alvorada.
My new companion is Elder Holmes
He has 6 weeks here in Brazil
He is from Bel Air, MD
His first name is not Carlton, but he is the Fresh Prince.

okay, back to reality, op´there goes gravity....
I am no longer a ZL, but Im atleast the District leader....funny enough, everybody in my district were at one point zone leaders.  (except for the greenies.....) but all of the sr. companions are district meetings are AWESOME. 
I didn't get to send my letter yesterday because today is my p-day....because I'm going to the temple here in a couple of hours, and the temple is closed on Monday.  WOOOOOOOHOOOOOOO I Havent gone to the temple since January of 2013....I'm excited :D

so.. the work.  It's really hard getting oriented because my companion is almost as lost as I am.....he's been here for 6 weeks and is still learning Portuguese....So it's pretty chaotic.  To give an example.... Wednesday, we had a service project... and afterwards... the member dropped us off close to lunch and left.  Well, my companion just said, come, follow me. I know the way. Well, after an hour of walking down a dirt road into the middle of the forest....the lunch called asking us where we were.  Well, we were about 2.5 miles in the wrong direction, so we had to walk back. Turns out that the member let us out of the car in front of the house of lunch XD  it's been a fun week hahahahaaha
anyways, so Tuesday we got a call from an Elder in our district that stayed, he called and passed us a reference...a family whose grandparents he had baptized 2 weeks beforehand, and the family had gone to watch the confirmation.  We finally found the house Thursday, taught them and invited them to be baptized.  EVERYBODY accepted, the question was when/???? We asked the parents if they were married, and unfortunately they are not, so we have to have a wedding for them, but the kids wanted to be baptized anyways, so we taught them the gosple of Jesus Christ, and about the Restauration and the 10 commandments, and Sunday, Francielly and Vitoria were baptized!!!! :D Yeah! They had their entire family there.....all 8 of them.  Funny...the mom is 28 and the dad is 22....and they have 5 kids. Francielly is 11, and Vitoria is 9.  Don't try and think about that. Brazil is so funny.
Anyways, the Brazilian Consistution states that if the persons who want to marry do not have the financial means, the state has the responsability to pay for it, all you have to do is create a declaration of poverty.  Woohooo!!!! I know how to do that and make it legalized, so we'll marry them for free :D
Anyways, those were the highlights of the week, I love my new companion, he's awesome.
Te amo, e a Igreja é verdadeira
Elder Eliason

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