Tuesday, May 6, 2014

so this week on the *transfer* is *Wright*

hahahahaha, okay, so I was transferred this week right? Looks like I'm going to finish up my mission out in.......

City: SAPUCAIA do sul

Companion: Elder Figueroa
from: Chillán, Chile
With: 4 months of mission time



so our house is really fancy, we have air conditioning (REALY RARE), We have a Jet-bathtub (Also EXTREMELY rare).  We have a giant Mandarin-Orange tree in front, so every night, when we get home, we grab the broom, which has a hook on the end and pick the most ripe Mandarin-Oranges, which are super sweet and delicious. 

This week, unfortunately, our baptism fell through, he was called in to guard post duty out in the army this weekend, so hopefully next weekend, he'll be baptised :)  His name is Matheus, pray for him, he's 21 and learning that life isn't just party/sleep/get beaten by a drill sergeant.

Nothing REALLY interesting happened this week, but I did learn that I have zero patience for bible-bashing and getting ran over by people who think they are so smart.  What happened,  
Crazy lady in RED
Elder Eliason in Blue
Elder Figueroa in Green

Good afternoon young lady (age~40)
You are them mormons aren't you
Yes-sir-ree-doo  You ever talked to us before? You have the desire to learn how you can be more happy being baptized?
No, I believe in Jesus in a very different form. Very different than you guys.
how so? are you Umbandista? (editors note, Umbanda is a devil-worshiping cult that is very popular here in the south, they worship Jesus, along with "his cursed brothers and sisters"...........)
What!?!?!! No! I believe in the Bible, unlike you decieved fools!  How can you possibley believe in the book of mormon, there are parts that you say that a man called Moroni wrote that are almost exactly like the letters of Paul, how do you justify a new bible with new names, and such lies!!!!!! I am appalled that you young peope are such idiots to believe such lies.  I have a book at home the points out all of the different parts of doctrine and they contradict everything in the bible.....(interrupts) I don't really care about your opinions or your questions.....(she shuts up) 
 LET's go Elder, let me bash her! I'm ready, I've studied this, let's burn her to pieces!!!!! 
No, I have one question for you, in all of your knowledge and studies, as you have shown that you are SO intelligent and studious, have you ever asked God if what we believe is correct?
No, why would I do that?
Only God testifies of the truth, ask him, James 1:5 Good day lady.

Almost the same thing happened again 30 minutes afterwards.  I'm so sick of people not letting us speak.  We say hi and ask people if they are interested and they start talking and they monologue until their own tongue is swollen, and then they stop to breathe and start again.  No. I'm sick of that.  I'm going to run the person over if they try to do that to us, I don't have time to listen to idiots blabber.

have a great week
Elder Eliason
p.s. I went on a division with a 22-year old brazilian Sniper this week.  He's deciding if he's going to go on a mission.  I hope my opinion helped him out a bit.  We are going to go on splits every week, he's super excited now that an U.S. Army Elder is in his ward.


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