Monday, May 12, 2014


I really am not that interested in writing an e-mail this week to everybody......

Okay, I'll repent now,

This week we had 2 baptisms, a couple that decided to come unto Christ.  I'm really happy for them, João Marcos and Silvia.  João Marcos is 50 and Silvia is 46.   They're really happy now.  I am praying constantly that they'll stay firm and that they'll go to the temple to be sealed one day.  João Marcos is a professional Chef.  Yeah, how awesome is that right!!!!   Anyways, It was fantastic to talk to the family yesterday.  Sorry that you guys had to scram to go to church, but thanks for the attention. 

9 more e-mails until I'm on the plane home :)  

mom, I got my birthday package! MUITO OBRIGADO :)  my zone loved the valentines and crabby-patties, and my companion loves cool-aid

oh, and I forgot to say it yesterday with all the chaos, but Happy Mothers day mom :)

Elder Eliason

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