Monday, June 9, 2014

this week was..........wet. Again.

Well, I'm training so....yeah! I'm excited!

His name is: Elder Quinteros

He is from: El Salvador

He speaks: Spanish, English, and Portuguese

When talking, he speaks English with me, I speak Spanish to him, and we speak Portuguese with the Investigators and Members.   My dreams are now becoming tri-lingual.

Other News, this week that passed, Uruguay passed a law permiting Marijuana to be completely legalized.  Good luck Tanner :)  The fact that it's illegal here in Brazil doesn't do that much of a difference, but whatever. hahahahaha.

This week, it rained all week long, and in the same form, we taught very little. We found some families that are Extremely rich and excited to learn about the gospel, so that'll be a nice change, I'm slightly tired of working in the slums.  It also means that the way we teach will have to change.  
Dad and Tanner- I'm excited that you guys visited where I lived for almost 3 months.  Key west baby :)  Did you guys see any super macho military guys storming a beach or jumping from helicopters???? One day I'll be rich selling those frozen-chocolate-covered-key-lime-pie-on-a-stick-popsicles.....

We're living in 4 now, so our little luxury apartment is now a party house...XD  the other 2 elders are from São Paulo, and the Amazons.   Fun huh?   

Everybody have a fantastic week :)

Elder Eliason

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