Tuesday, June 3, 2014

This week---------

So, this week was very nuts, lets see what happened...

Crum.  I just realized that I wrote it in portuguese....... yeah for Google Translator (the translation is kind of weird, but I like it, so I'll stick with it. hahahah)

This week was good; we had some difficulties, but we won the majority in the end. We had 2 baptisms, and reached the week of Excellence ! We had plans for 4 baptisms, but the older boy had friends who dissuaded him to be baptized, we will work with him this week. The younger girl was ready to be baptized, but 4 minutes before we started in the baptismal service, I was reviewing the baptismal records, and BAM ! ! ! Looking at the day of her birth, I realized she is eight years in August! Her parents and everyone thought she had done eight years last year. All of the children were ages 1 year advanced .... the girl had " 12 " actually had " 11 " and the other had " 9 " really only had " 8 " so I had to break her heart and tell her that she could not be baptized with her ​​sisters. Problematising by a 7 year old. I feel very much like a " Jerk " . She was effervescent beforehand. A lot . My mate bought a box of chocolates for her after for reward.

oh, TRANSFERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will stay!

I will Train!

We will receive 2 more missionaries in this ward, they are going to get the neighborhoods that I don't like working in.  hahahahahahahahaha.  6 weeks.  Start Counting baby.

Also-  Sunday was Awful.  Why?  TRUNKY ATÉ O PÓ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  All of the classes and discourses were about Temple Marriage.  Preparing for temple marriage, how to choose the right spouse, etc.........  Talk about two missionaries siting in the back row trying not to kill themselves....hahahahahahahahahahaha       Anyways.......

It was edifying, and all that is edifying is of God.  D&C.  

Funny- last night, we were wrapping up our street contacts, and my companion needed to do a whole bunch, so he got really to the point with the contact REALLY FAST, and something hilariously peculiar happened:

Elder Fig-  Good evening good sir
Man- Why yes young man
Elder Fig- Do you accept the invitation to be baptized in the only true church of God? 
Man- YES!!!!!!!!!!!!! (at the top of his lungs) I've BEEN WAITING FOR THIS MY WHOLE LIFE!!!!!!
Elder Fig- Uh, okay, are you sure that you understood correctly, we want to baptize you and your family in 2 weeks.
Elder Fig- uh....okay, where do you live
Man- São Leopoldo
Elder Fig- Well, okay (he gets the address) 
Man- *Skips off singing at the top of his lungs how he's going to be baptized*
Elder Fig- *looking at me* do you think he was using drugs?   
Elder Eliason- I have no clue.....

Have a fantastic week.  

Elder Eliason

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