Monday, June 30, 2014

whoooooooppppppppie :)

June 23, 2014

"hey! that's my mom!"

Tanner, name that movie!

Okay, so this week was very interesting-

Last night I had a dream that I was transfered to a zoo.  It was very strange.

Tuesday Zone conference with Interviews with President Wright, got back at 1600, but had to change clothes because it was POURING.  They say here that the more times that it rains here on the mission, the more and more beautiful your wife becomes.  I'm praying that it's true because if it were, my wife is going to be a flippin supermodel.  It is currently raining again.

Friday was the most interesting day of them all......... We had to go to the Federal Police station in Porto Alegre to register my companion as a permanent resident for 2 years in Brazil, turns out that first of all, El Salvador is actually La Republica de El Salvador, so his country of "El Salvador" didn't exist. That created LOTS of problemas here in the computer system.  Also, there is a city here in Brazil called "Salvador" which made everybody feel stupid when he told them that he was not Bahiano (person from Salvador, Bahia).  The second problem is that when he was registered in São Paulo as a foreigner with the Police there, the church headquarters spelt his name wrong, so when he presented his identity to the Police here, they looked for when and where he entered the country, and Whoops, HE DOESN'T EXIST!  Uh, oh.................... Well, we spent 7 hours in the Federal Police.  It doesn't help that half of the whole world is here, trying to watch the Cup, and get visas renewed and extentions etc.......... It was nuts.  He's a great greenie; we have a good time together.

Now the real question- What happened to baptizing weekly???? 
Answer- We too, like Brittany, are having an extremely hard time getting investigators to come to church.  In Brazil, an investigator has to come to church at least 2 times to be baptized.  Well, if you have nobody at church, who will be baptized this week and next week?????? Well, this week we cut everybody, and started in a new neighborhood a lot closer to the church.  Well, yesterday we had 5 investigators come, and 2 of them had already come beforehand, so this Saturday, (we're praying) that we'll have 2 baptisms, and next week, a few more :)

Brittany, the dad of your DL gave me the referências, and took his sister to church yesterday, which was a huge blessing.  We'll try and baptize her here in a little bit :)

Amo vocês.
Elder Eliason 

Ps. I got my trunky papers :) 3 weeks

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