Monday, June 16, 2014

We meet again, mister footebol.....

World Cup- In brazil.  Very cool, if you are not a missionary.  EXTREMELY annoying for a missionary.  Why????????  NOBODY wants to do anything except watch the cup.   Okay, we had like 29 new investigators this week, but how many came to church!??!?!?!?!?!    bumb um bum bum!!!!!!! 2 --- our Eternal investigators that can't be baptized (they aren't willing to live the commandments but love coming to church, it's been about 10 months that the both of them are frequent attendees.)   

Other obnoxious things this week
-  I've got the theme song from the Captain Cruch video game stuck in my head all week.  (that's the game that we got from the box of froot loops 10 years ago that if you try to look at it on iTunes, says that it's a 26 minute long version of Brittany Spears' 'Hit me Baby One More Time', but when you listen to it, you only get the captain cruch theme song which is like 6 notes on a loop....)

- Brazil won 3-1, and everybody in the entire city started worshiping their Brazil-only-catholic-idol/saint "Nossa Senhora Aparacida", and Thanking her for making Brazil win.  Judgement day will be very interesting here....

Positive things, I found my memory card convertor so I can send you fotos now :)   

The church will always be true.

We got our copy of the conference Liahona finally 

etc :)

Anyways, Tanner, I'm super excited that you are practicing your spanish with the mexicans, Talking to the Latinos here, they all laugh at the mexicans, they have a REALLY funny accent, which amplified with your incredible accent.... well, the Uruguayanos will laugh their heads off..... but they will understand you. :)

Brandon Blake, dude, I've got this brilliant idea to open up a brazilian pastelaria in the united states, we'll become billionaires, you've got to help me with this.

Dad - I hope that you are taking carefull notes of all the construction techniques that you are learning.  I want to learn afterwards :)

good luck Chloe out in the MTC..........I'll start kniting sweaters for our 20 kids out of my bellybutton lint that I'll start guarding now okay? :P 

(if anybody didn't get that refference, google it, it's from a Zits commic)

Elder Eliason

P.S. 4weeks :)

Meu Filho #2   Elder Quinteros :)

Meu Filhoteinho #4 (sou padrasto) Elder Figueroa (johndeer) taking a foto of a fly-eating plant

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