Monday, October 21, 2013

well........ the real letter

September 30, 2013


well...... Carine was baptized!
The 2 were Confirmed!

to this day, I have had 19 baptisms here in Osório.  All are active except for a man and his wife, that decided to be offended from one of the lessons in the Gosple Principles class, which is a personal problem, that they have to work out with the Lord.  

I will stay here in Osório and Santo Antônio da Patrulha for atleast 6 more weeks.  that makes now 6 months in total.  1/4 of my mission.  

I'm excited because one of our inactive friends that we were trying to reactivate over the last 4 years.... (yeah, its been a long process, they give lunch to us every month, but they are not married, so he can't be baptized, and she feels guilty for breaking the law of Chastity) he finally proposed yesterday!!!!!!!! we were there, it was at her birthday party..... sooooooo gooooood!!!!!!! woohoooo!

I realized something the other day- It has been a really really really long time since I have written any letter.   I'm sorry for anybody who wrote me, letters have really lost my interest, I love reading them and all, but Ill be home here in 10 months, so if you have something important, send a letter, if its just an update, send an email ( or if you want to marry me, well, send a package or a Will-Ferril, Elf-like, singing christmas-gram.

okay, I hope that my sarcasm has not become too prevelant.-Im out of time, this transferencia has created a chaotic mess of my inbox.

te amo, todo mundo, te amo

Elder Eliason

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