Monday, October 21, 2013

This week, on the district...

Sept. 13, 2013

Well, it has been fun, this week was crazy.

We started off with a family home evening on monday, where the brother, Irmão Carlos Martins, asked us about the little girl with the afro that went to church.  My companion looked at him, and asked, What girl?  He tried to describe her, but we had never seen her before.  He told us that the family of Edélcio (our recent converts) had brought her, she is their neighbor.  Well, he told us that he would be willing to take us to their house the following day.  We went, Mateus, the son of Edélcio took us to her house.  Her name is Cassianie, she is 14, and has absolutely embraced the precepts of the gosple.  We taught her and her 6 brothers and sisters and her parents.  Yeah all 9.  We baptised her yesterday.  Carlos Martins took us to visit her every night last week.   EVERY NIGHT.    Yesterday at the baptism, all of her brothers told us that they all want to be baptised too.  WOOOOOOHOOOOOO its a dream.  The parents are very suportive, but the only problem is that they are not married..... rarely anybody here is married, it's expensive, and very labor-intensive.  We will have fun this week again :)

We also were teaching Rafael, the young man of 15 who smokes.  He decided that he wanted nothing to do with the church, but his mother, who went to church the week before loved it, absolutely adored it.  He lost interest, but his mom and sister gained interest.  We taught them every night last week too, just after Cassianie (thanks to Carlos Martins)  They too were baptised yesterday.  I am so extremely excited for them.   They brought ALL of their neighbors to watch the baptism, and so....yeah, we are going to teach EVERYBODY.... 

We also had a young woman appear yesterday in the church for the first time...her name is Carine (which means tender loving care) and is the sister of our miracle baptism last month, Carol.   Well, she declared to the young womans program yesterday that she will be baptized on her birthday.  yeah, um...thanks for telling the Elderes...... (we had no idea)  well... This will be awesome :) she was an ex-investigator, that we cut (she never progressed) but now she has decided that the time has come.  WOOOOHOOOO  We will have a family home evening tonight with her, her sister, her mom, and Carlos Martins and his wife, Sandra.  

 I absolutely love that family (Carlos and Sandra), they have recently become active in the church, decided to serve a mission as a senior couple, but decided to stay in their own branch to help it.  Well, they are willing to do ANYTHING for us.  I love them.  They are hillarious, Carlos hates americans, not because of us, but because of our international oil domination (it's really funny to hear him rant about it) Sandra is an angel who puts up with the absolute rediculousness of Carlos.  He declared the other day that he will buy the first coppy of the Liahona in Portuguese....for over 300 reals, which is completely absurd.  She just looked at him, looked at the computer, and looked at him again and asked: How do you know that that person actually will send it and not just take your money? He began to speak, and then stopped and thought and said Your right! Well, Ill buy a whole bunch of other junk with that money (*he is a retired justice enforcer worker, as they say in Portuguese, like judicial security I think...)  Kind of funny.

Funny thing- this lan house where we use the computers is playing some music in english...the brazlians have no idea what it means.... really funny.

I love you all....

Elder Eliason

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