Monday, October 28, 2013

This week....on the price is right.....

Well, this week was absolutely monotonous.  My companion had an absolutely terrible case of Chicken-pox, He was prohibited from leaving the house, and the other 3 were prohibited too, until we found out that another young girl in the ward was the one that passed it to him.  After that the other two elders were freed, but I had to stay with him.  I stuck with him for 2 days, and then deciding that I was going stirr crazy, went on divisions.  Elder Souza (my companion) slept for 4 days straight, except for 3 or 4 intervals where he would wake up, use the bathroom, go to the kitchen, drink water, eat some beans and rice, and then lay down again. Usually a grand total of 5 minutes per interval. It was rough on him and it was rough on the patience of the house.  Instead of going crazy and fighting, we decided to make the goal of just going nuts.  We learned how to make chickens out of towels (photo included) and opened up our own butchers shop with all of the towls and blankets in the house folded into chickens.  He also taught us how to spin a toy top with string so fast that you can put it into your hand and it'll keep spinning for over 3 minutes.... until the neighbors underneath our appartment beat the floor with a broom and stuck their heads outside of the windows and yelled at us to knock it off. REALLY FUNNY.

Sunday we had the incredible opportunity to watch the Osório District Conference.  President Wright (the mission president) had his son with him, who just returned from his mission in Florida, and was visiting his parents here in Brazil for 2 weeks.  Well, the problem was that he didn't speak a word of Portuguese, other than Obrigado and Tudo bem.  So guess who got to translate the entire conference! Yours truley. It was my first time translating for an American - Usually I have to translate for new american missionaries, but they've got a base of the vocabulary and grammer.  It was quite the experience.  Also-We got to sing in the District Choir, "Faith in every footstep" Which is an incredible song, Absolutely love it. 

Anyways, that's about it... The chicken-´pox is going away, so hopefully we can get out soon.  

I don't think much else happened this week, anyways, I hope that all yall are living it up out wherever you are.

seja incrível,
Elder Eliason

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