Monday, October 21, 2013


October 21, 2013

Eh, We baptized this week!!!!! Woohoooo Henrique.  He comes from a VERY complicated family. Dad prison, mom in the Hospital type stuff..  It's very complicated. anyways,

He's 13, and SUPER intelligent.  And just plain out Awesome. 

Biggest thing that happened this week besides this- We got a 5lb boxof chocolate milk mix :D Ive got chocolate milk and sugar flowing in my veins now >:)

okay, sorry, um, I had to go do some interviews for the Elders out in Imbé, a beach city where there are about 40 members now.  Well, I got to visit the beach, Language study on the beach was probably the best :)  The water there is the color of chocolate milk.  its great to be on the beach, but water is kind of nasty.  

My companion has chicken-pox. Yesterday we got back from the baptism, ate lunch at a members house, and afterwards, he told me that he didn't feel so well, so he layed down and slept.  Woke up at 9 to close our weekly numbers, layed down again, and woke up at 630 like normal.  He woke up covered in chicken-pox.  Poor guy. 

We had an Elder return to our ward tuesday, Elder Maciel.  He is very strange.  VERY strange.  He stopped in the middle of the road when we went onsplits, and jumped with his arms in a huge Y fistsclentched and yelled "woo hooo for Baptism!!!!!!!!"  I don't want to be like him when I get back.. I think the funniest moment was when he seduced a young woman on the street to go to church.  He started with a contact normal shaking hands, asking name, religion, etc... but then moved close (IE 2book of mormons distance of her) putting his hand on her shoulder asking if she would like to go to church with him on Sunday.  she moved a bit closer and told him that she would, he moved a bit closer and asked where she lived and her phone number, in a very very smoothe soft sexy voice.  He told me to take note as she gave him the number and adress and moved evermore closer to him.  She then tried to put her arms around him--- I wanted to die.  There was about a Book of mormon on a Flash-drive distance between them when I said, well thank you, Lets go.  and took off.  pretty rediculous? absolutely. hillarious? with certanty.

       I am gratefull though, where he was serving, the temperature usually hits about 120 every day and at night 100.  that would be absolutely terrible.  I'm very gratefull for an All-knowing God that knows where we need to serve and not suffer. 

Its raining sideways again, but I don't care because its P-day.  better to sleep in.  

I bought a hammock.  Ive been sleeping in it recently, its way more comfortable than the bed-bug ridden mattress on which Ive been sleeping.  :)  If anybody is going tothe northeast of brazil, they don't even bother with beds, everybody sleeps in a hammock. its so much better.

my time is ending, but I'll try to send some photos

amo cada um de vocês.  

Elder Eliason

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