Monday, October 21, 2013

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October 6, 2013

Well, this week was slow, really slow, but we have an excelent new investigator named Gladdis (yeah, like Gladys Knight) but she's excelent! She has so much faith! She works in beauty salon, doing women's hair, nails, feet, and other hair-things.... the beauty salon is below the Wizard, the member owned English-School/chapel here in Santo Antônio da Patrulha.  She smoked about 2 packs of cigarretts every day, but when we passed for the first time, we were talking about our lives...and she commented that she wanted to stop smoking, so I told her to stop, and to be baptized, she needs to stop.  Well, I call her every day at 9 hrs the night, and ask her how was her day (not a danger, she is like 50) and if she smoked.  To this day, she has not touched another cigarette. :) wooohooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE PEOPLE WHO HAVE FAITH SUFFICIENT TO SHOW THE LORD THEIR WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tanner, (not mincing words here...but in the most lovingly condoning older brother type tone....) you are an idiot.  I love you, but you are an idiot.  To be frank, I would have done the same thing.... Poison Ivy is definitely worth not getting tagged in XC tag.  

Preston, that little brown trout looks like 5 inches, you ate him??????? Please tell me no....

****************************CRAZY STORY*************************

MOM= Prepare yourself, sit down and drink a cup of water before reading........ and take a couple of deep breaths...

I am fine. I am safe.

Those  sentances are the result of a very very very big miracle, thanks to the work of the Lord.

Wednesday, we were teaching in the beauty salon, downtown SAP. Well, we hear a huge ruckus happen out side, and looked out to see what was happening.  As we looked out, a dude ran past us as fast as he possibly could. Without realizing what was happening, we keept looking on.  The man pulled out a revolver and started shooting back, in our direction.  Three policemen with M-16s and 9mms started shooting back at him.  

Us in the middle. 

We hit the deck, and crawled back inside of the cement-walled salão de beleza, and waited for the shooting to stop.   What happened: The man had hijacked a semi-truck full of fresh leather hides out in Canoas (city close to SAP)  and was diving it in our direction, he was passing through SAP when a policeman saw him *(they had put out an APB on the missing semi)  Well, the hijacker saw the policeman, and because of the fact that he was stopped at a stoplight inbetween cars, he couldn't escape, so he ditched the semi, still running.  Well, the first policeman ditched his own car, and jumped into the semi as it started rolling into the oncoming traffic, and stopped it, while another policeman started to run after the man.  Shots were fired, and finally the policemen wounded him in the leg after he jumped the fence on the side of the beauty salon.

Miracle:  he did not enter the beauty salon to escape, the door was open, and it was probably a more realistic escape route for him.  

May I just say that I feel blessed and protected by the Lord.

I loved general conference.  We didn't have the opportunity to watch the priesthood session, but Ill listen to it here in a little bit.  Obrigado :)

Amo vocês 

Elder Eliason

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