Monday, October 21, 2013

wooooooooooooohooooooooooo it's raining again :)

So, for the last 4 days it has been non-stop rain again.  A sure sign that it is spring now here in southern Brazil.

  Well.... We had another baptism this weekend, the brother of Cassianie:  It has been quite a deal working with them, they are SUPER POOR, I mean, REALLY poor, they are in 7 brothers and sisters, and their mom and stepfather.... Well, the stepfather went to work this week and never returned home, so .... yeah, they are suffering a lot of problems right now, and in her hysterical state the mother told her sons that she doesn't think that they are prepared to be baptized, MUCH to our chagrin.  They got it stuck in their heads about it (they were super excited to be baptized last week, but now they were super resistant) I insisted that they atleast have the baptismal interviews and see if they are ready.  Luiz was the first (he is 11) he went into the interview, and after 30 seconds our DL got up and called the mom to the room.  Well, I don't know how, but after 5 minutes she returned with a huge smile on her face, and the kid passed the interview and she signed the permission slip.  Miracles.  Luiz Henrique was baptised at 1o'clock yesterday.

Mother, you asked me about my companion- Well, for the first 2 transfers I was with Elder R. Santos, he is from São Paulo, and worked as a parking ticketer for the government.  Yeah.   Well, he got transfered 5 weeks ago, and Elder Araujo de Souza arrived.  He is from Caucaia, close to Fortaleza.  Speaks with a REALLY thick accent, and uses a lot of really strange jargin and slang.  He has 7 months on the mission.

I forgot to say, I am eating a Panatone right now, its like a giant chocolate-chip muffin, the size of my head.  VERY delicious, it is also the only thing that I have found here that has chocolate chips.  

This Friday, we will have the baptism of Carine, it is her birthday, she is turning 12, and so she wants to enter directly into the young womans program.  Wooohooo!!!! Pray that everything goes right.

Saturday we will have a pizza competition as the ward activity. (my idea, thank you)   Only the men are allowed to cook (again, because if the women were allowed, their egos would be destroyed, and we would lose about 80% of our ward frequency).

I just remembered that next week we have transfers. wooohoooo..... Transferencias are better than Christmas here!  seriously!

fique firme! 
te amo,

Elder Eliason

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